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Good times, Mexico!

In front of Casa Tortuga. Hello, Casa Panga!

 photo IMG_2196_zps5ed03df3.jpg

The pathway to Casa Tortuga. Love that it’s SOOOO green!

 photo IMG_2201_zps335d425a.jpg

Mini pool party!

 photo IMG_6068_zps311acb32.jpg

 photo IMG_2204_zps30272c7e.jpg

I love the burros. They’re too cute. Fed this guy dates from the palm.

 photo IMG_6067_zpsc7b5559c.jpg

The last night with fam, we went to Zac’s for dinner to watch the sunset and enjoy their tasty margaritas.

 photo IMG_2218_zps554229da.jpg

 photo IMG_2224_zps32dd2750.jpg

Tuesday afternoon, the Phillips went home. But we were able to replicate our Thanksgiving picture. 2012 and 2013 (Dad has 2010(?)’s picture on his phone!).

 photo IMG_6015_zps670bdd6b.jpg

(Who knew we were looking at my wedding venue this whole time!!)

My brother’s a goob :) .. and an artist! Ha.

 photo IMG_2257_zps11282e2a.jpg

On Wednesday, we surfed with my Uncle T.

Thursday, T and I made our way into Cabo San Lucas to check out The Arch. I’ve never taken a glass bottom boat to Lover’s Beach (even when I’ve brought exes to Mex). Glad T and I went together. Although we went straight to Divorce Beach (I like that one more ;)).

 photo IMG_6007_zps3feb3101.jpg

We played tourist for the afternoon. Bought coconuts – which saved us from the oncoming migraines!

 photo IMG_5996_zps194b40d7.jpg

Instead of staying in Cabo San Lucas (a little too loud for us, guess we’re getting old), we enjoyed a peaceful and quiet dinner at Cynthia’s Fresh Organic Market in San Jose del Cabo. The food was delish!

We thanked my aunt, uncle, and grandparents for everything, checked out the new airport, and flew into Orange County Friday evening. We kissed Lola and the Nash and the Phillips familia goodbye Saturday afternoon and made our way back to Hawaii..

 photo IMG_6005_zps155bc25a.jpg

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By The Pool

Monday was our last day at Casa Panga.

 photo IMG_2189_zpsf4a484ec.jpg

T and I had so much fun taking pictures of ourselves kissin’ and jumpin’ in the pool that we invited the rest of the fam to join in.

 photo IMG_1979_zps8da557f0.jpg

 photo IMG_2010_zps285e53b6.jpg

 photo IMG_2151_zpse2951e7c.jpg

Michael’s picture makes me laugh.

 photo IMG_6050_zps8fd6a69b.jpg

Our second Grumpy Cat picture.

 photo IMG_2140_zpsdfd736ac.jpg

Possible Christmas card.

 photo IMG_2116_zps2858fc47.jpg

 photo IMG_2230_zps5b6cd211.jpg

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Beach Walk

The day after the wedding, we spent the afternoon lounging around our venue and walking the beach out front.

 photo IMG_1499_zps09f88e97.jpg

My brother and his girlfriend, Samantha hung out in the pool while the cousins, Michael, T and I walked Playa Tortuga.

 photo IMG_1493_zpsfcf791b7.jpg

But not before some of them got thrown in the pool ;)

 photo IMG_1476_zpse0745f16.jpg

 photo IMG_1505_zpsd007ac92.jpg

 photo IMG_1537_zpsa3162f8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1582_zps82a309ed.jpg

 photo IMG_1500_zps197bb326.jpg

Loved hanging out with my cousins. I rarely get to see them, so I was excited that they participated and attended our wedding :)

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