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#PhillaceAnniversaryTrip Day Six

Day six was incredible.

 photo IMG_6497_zpsdfe09822.jpg

 photo IMG_6658_zps3d8dad5a.jpg

One of the coolest days of my life – first helicopter ride! And oh. my. gosh. The feeling. The view. The rush. Because of it, T’s looking into pilot school (backup to med school). So much fun!

 photo IMG_5915_zpsb207be18.jpg

The clearest of days. We saw tons of sharks, sting rays, eagle rays, and a DUDONG (it’s like a manatee)! Wish we could have dove with him. Next time ;)

 photo IMG_5973_zpsf86af0f6.jpg

 photo IMG_5977_zps95742251.jpg

 photo IMG_6053_zps07a352e9.jpg

 photo IMG_6143_zps132c3a2a.jpg

Places we dove:

 photo IMG_6185_zps407f773e.jpg

 photo IMG_6227_zps98de0e50.jpg

 photo IMG_6306_zps69e4c7bf.jpg

 photo IMG_6312_zpse694ffe0.jpg


 photo IMG_6320_zpseb1cf5ca.jpg

The infamous rock islands.

 photo IMG_6365_zpsab3d3204.jpg

 photo IMG_6430_zpsbf8ce51e.jpg

 photo IMG_6435_zpseec60514.jpg

 photo IMG_6454_zps17992f99.jpg


 photo IMG_6468_zps9dabce54.jpg

 photo IMG_6489_zps664ec72a.jpg

There’s our little hut! Last one on the left. Top of the hill (that was a hike every day and every night).

 photo IMG_7591_zpsd27b75bf.jpg

 photo IMG_7592_zps0865c010.jpg

What a ride!

 photo IMG_5926_zps0f32988e.jpg

 photo IMG_6609-Version2_zps0b8c749d.jpg

 photo IMG_7520_zps347cd8ad.jpg

 photo IMG_6600_zps461dd151.jpg

We had lunch at Kraemer’s. Everyone said this was the best restaurant on the island, but I don’t know. The food was delicious, but our first dinner/anniversary dinner and The Taj take the cake. We enjoyed their Hibiscus Breeze though.

 photo IMG_6541_zps23a8dea7.jpg

 photo IMG_6544_zpsea04adfb.jpg

 photo IMG_6559_zpsebfc8505.jpg

What an adventure! Thank you, Mahpunk for sharing my interests and making my dreams come true. I love you.

 photo IMG_6607_zps1a608f0b.jpg

Now, let’s start planning our next crazy trip!

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#PhillaceAnniversaryTrip Day Five

Day five was spent kayaking and snorkeling the rock islands, specifically Nikko Bay. We got on the boat around 8am and didn’t get back to the dock until 4:30(?)pm. About 7 1/2 under the hot, hot sun. Not too into kayaking with a decent sized group. Kayaking is very touristy? No offense. But when you’re in Kauai, you kayak. When you’re in Fiji, you kayak. And when you’re in Palau, you kayak. The scenery was gorgeous. The snorkeling was nuts. So, I’d say it was definitely worth it.

 photo IMG_5886_zps7c389a4e.jpg

 photo IMG_5889_zpsdcef4fec.jpg

 photo IMG_5898_zps0d9f3928.jpg

 photo IMG_5899_zps9174b4c5.jpg

 photo IMG_2609_zpse28cde8a.jpg

 photo IMG_2586_zps4e95a48a.jpg

 photo IMG_2600_zps6e9fc3d4.jpg

 photo IMG_2587-Version2_zpse501be63.jpg

 photo G0041716_zpse11dda15.jpg

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-17h57m38s151_zps4f4f2106.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h04m49s169_zps11fc7980.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h05m35s125_zpse7808033.png

 photo IMG_2611_zps5789530c.jpg

 photo IMG_2612_zps9ccd2d4e.jpg

WWII Japanese canon.

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h13m51s202_zpsf65f5869.png

Limestone cave.

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h09m20s70_zps8ba99135.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h09m59s200_zps66db475b.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h14m32s114_zpsdb3553e8.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h15m07s212_zps8737620e.png

Trevor and a little jelly :)

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h18m06s202_zps99ef5f0e.png

These jellies sting. Although I really wanted to hold it.

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h21m00s157_zps3e7cbcf9.png

Needle fish.

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h18m56s200_zps749e4ac5.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h24m54s167_zps69c1a8cd.png

 photo vlcsnap-2014-11-21-18h29m05s139_zps6479019e.png

Japanese fighter plane.

 photo IMG_2649_zps2eca634b.jpg

LOOONG day. And maybe the best part about it was dinner. I’m being serious. We had dinner at The Taj (an indian restaurant). If Palau wasn’t known for their diving, they’d be known for their food. So. Freaking. Tasty. Local beer (Red Rooster). Nan (Garlic and Plain). Chicken (Butter and Curry). And dessert (Gully Jamun – balls of thickened milk, served in a sweet scented syrup). I still daydream about it.. Mmm.

 photo IMG_5900_zps65cbcf65.jpg

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#PhillaceAnniversaryTrip Day Four

On our fourth day, we road tripped the island(s).

 photo IMG_5633_zpsa6a69bdf.jpg

 photo IMG_5634_zps12cdc9c4.jpg

 photo IMG_5643_zps556b421a.jpg

I saw a tiny frog and it brought me back to family vacations in the Redwoods. We used to catch them at Snake river.

 photo IMG_5646_zps05581df0.jpg

 photo IMG_5650_zps7a55a5ce.jpg

 photo IMG_5656_zps691190c4.jpg

 photo IMG_5658_zps5721c9a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5663_zps5a75f4b2.jpg

 photo IMG_5738_zpse8092887.jpg

 photo IMG_5711_zpsea12ff33.jpg

 photo IMG_5722_zpse9491b1d.jpg

 photo IMG_5727_zpse93b208b.jpg

 photo IMG_5715_zpsd4e8d2d3.jpg

 photo IMG_5729_zps212b6f71.jpg

 photo IMG_5838_zps128d7e19.jpg

 photo IMG_5801_zpscb68bdc1.jpg

 photo IMG_5743_zpsb1eb6e81.jpg

 photo IMG_5756_zpsd4f96e33.jpg

 photo IMG_5758_zpsa2f8919c.jpg

 photo IMG_5783_zps3287910b.jpg

 photo IMG_5800_zpsbdda2ed8.jpg

 photo IMG_5814_zps50143fd8.jpg

We celebrated our One Year Mex anniversary at the first restaurant we went to when we got to Palau. I told the waitress, “Oh, we’re definitely coming back!”

And when we finished our meal, they brought us a “happy anniversary” dessert :)

 photo IMG_5878_zps23b58095.jpg

 photo IMG_2584_zpsd509ac43.jpg

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