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Favorite 2014 Project Life Layouts

This was my second year with Project Life. I looooooved documenting 2014! I just didn’t blog about it as much as I wanted to. I did Instagram it. But I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

So, these are my favorite pages from #PhillacePL2014! So much color! So much adventure!

  • I loved my 2014 title page.
  • The Wounded Warrior cerimony, surfing with the friends, Valentine’s weekend vacay to Molokai, dinners out, UH football, backyard sunrises.
  • Backyard picnics with my favorite little man, Memorial Day lantern ceremony, sibling photoshoot, a trip home, a birthday military ball, nature, hikes, Wy’s first Mariachi Cinco de Mayo, our one year anniversary / closing photo for the first album.
  • Second album / one year anniversary, our trip to Kauai, our honeymoon to New Zealand’s north and south islands AND Fiji, more hikes, and our trip to Palau.

 photo IMG_8645copy_zpsaed8ade2.jpg

 photo IMG_8646_zpsddd17974.jpg

 photo IMG_8647_zps3fa4b60b.jpg

 photo IMG_8648_zpsea7ff17f.jpg

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Project Life 2014 : Week 6, 7, & 8

Behind in posting but not in documenting. I’m in love with this year’s PL. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think it’s beautiful ;)

Week 6

 photo IMG_4994_zps6d66f0ee.jpg

Left side – We laid out on the beach Sunday. Caught a sunrise over MCBH on Monday.

 photo IMG_4998_zps51b2f029.jpg

Right side -Rainbows. Text messages, and sleepovers in the living room on the blow up mattress.

 photo IMG_4999_zps512bfff7.jpg

 photo IMG_4996_zpsea840bdf.jpg

 photo IMG_4997_zps45500dd6.jpg

 photo IMG_4995_zpsa71da118.jpg

Week 7

 photo IMG_5000_zps1a683c4d.jpg

 photo IMG_5001_zps2e0431ae.jpg

 photo IMG_5002_zps814ad30f.jpg

Left side – We island hopped to Moloka’i!

 photo IMG_5003_zps150fe165.jpg

Insert- Mom Valentine’s Day present to Dad (a wedding photo and their rings). I also sent my family a photo of me and T at the airport, and then Alex sent a picture of him and Sam on their date :)

 photo IMG_7931_zps05cb0d99.jpg

Right side – It was absolutely beautiful.

 photo IMG_5004_zps5bf27101.jpg

 photo IMG_5007_zps5d11cd7e.jpg

 photo IMG_5009_zps0d4248af.jpg

 photo IMG_5011_zpsd9f28823.jpg

 photo IMG_5012_zps9cf12af5.jpg

Week 8

 photo IMG_5015_zpsfa5c3c35.jpg

 photo IMG_5017_zps4ed50d31.jpg

 photo IMG_5018_zps7927d138.jpg

Left side – Sunday and Monday still in Moloka’i. Seahorses, whales, and adventures.

 photo IMG_5019_zps11ea3d81.jpg

Insert- A postcard I just love. The flyer from Friday night at the Green Room.

 photo IMG_7930_zps8d62cc45.jpg

Right side – We met Tyler Warren (T’s idol). Flag football and morning #beachinit.

 photo IMG_5020_zps9c6f0e6e.jpg

 photo IMG_5021_zps64a926cd.jpg

*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. Check out my 2013 Project Life here and follow along with my 2014 Project Life here.*

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Project Life 2014 : Week 5

Week 5!

 photo IMG_4571_zpse23a9449.jpg

Kind of a difficult week to put together. Very little sun = little to photograph. We saw little waterfalls from the H3, Becky Higgins (the creator of Project Life) posted my photo and blurb about PL on her Instagram! I had Friday off and hiked pillbox. T and I caught up on our Oscar nom movies. We loved them both.

 photo IMG_4573_zpsead0093a.jpg

 photo IMG_4574_zpsde480d3a.jpg

Left Side.

 photo IMG_4575_zps1df11da3.jpg

Insert – We saw Rhys Darby (Murray Hewitt from The Flight of the Concords!!).

 photo rhys_zps56749959.jpg

Right Side.

 photo IMG_4576_zps17e664bd.jpg

 photo IMG_4579_zpsf9d4d563.jpg

 photo IMG_4581_zpseb503ba0.jpg

 photo IMG_4580_zps20082790.jpg

 photo IMG_4577_zps5feed85d.jpg

*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. Check out my 2013 Project Life here and follow along with my 2014 Project Life here.*

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