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#PhillaceAdventure2016 Video

Finally finished our #PhillaceAdventure2016 video! For 31 days, Trevor and I:

  • Flew to CA and spent 6 days with family (Trevor went to AZ for his sister’s wedding while I tried to help my Dad recuperate from back surgery)
  • Flew to Canada for a layover
  • Flew to Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Spent 10 days road tripping and circumnavigating the country
  • Flew to New York and spent the evening in Time Square
  • Flew to Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Flew to Lusaka, Zambia
  • Flew to Mfuwe, Zambia
  • Spent 10 days doing a walking and driving safari with the Lodge and 3 other Bush Camps
  • Flew to Lusaka, Zambia
  • Flew to Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Flew to New York for a layover
  • Flew to San Francisco for a layover
  • Flew to Portland, Oregon
  • Spent 5 days road tripping with Trevor’s Dad, his Stepmom, Peggy, and their dog, Brewser
  • Saw Flight of the Conchords perform not once, but TWICE (BOTH killer seats AND killer shows!)
  • Flew back to O’ahu
  • Spent 5 days with my parents on the island

It was NUTS! One of our best trips so far! Sandwiched with family and tons of incredible landscapes, we had a blast. If this could be our life always.. ;)

It’s going to be hard to top (but we can do it!). I’ve once again fallen in love with people and places and mother nature’s absolute beauty.


The Darkest Side // The Middle East

Waiting For You // Isobel Anderson

Like Real People Do // Hozier

All Of My Days // Alexi Murdoch

The Bad Days // David Ramirez

Magic – Adore You // Louisa Wendorff

Skinny Love // Ed Sheeran

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Dad’s Birthday

After the wedding, we showered and watched Alex help dad make dinner.

 photo IMG_0717_zpseiobnkqx.jpg

 photo IMG_0723_zpspccsbhnk.jpg

 photo IMG_0724_zpsko9a7kbx.jpg

I LOVE my dad and think he’s the best. And I LOVE that Alex is just like him :)

 photo IMG_0730_zpsrkoqkg4a.jpg

These 3 backyard palm trees will always remind me of home.

 photo IMG_0732_zps6lqpreuu.jpg

My girl loves her trashed football.

 photo IMG_0747_zpsyow9sk4g.jpg

 photo IMG_0750_zpsm1nzdfd7.jpg

 photo IMG_0737_zpsci60p62f.jpg

 photo IMG_0765_zpsp8ishe6c.jpg

Dinner outside :)

 photo IMG_0766_zpsnvdwthid.jpg

 photo IMG_0767_zpsc4t7medt.jpg

 photo IMG_0782_zpsilpkaceh.jpg

 photo IMG_0771_zpsqwaoyuv0.jpg

One more time, Happy Birthday, dad!

 photo IMG_0776_zps7pt8jwq6.jpg


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Nash Wedding

Saturday morning, we got ready for the big day – Jonathan and Michelle’s wedding!

 photo IMG_7322_zpsnha5bv9v.jpg

It was held at a private park in Orange. It was a hot one! But still so beautiful!

 photo IMG_0583_zpsekodnzvf.jpg

 photo IMG_0607_zpsim7kels2.jpg

 photo IMG_0606_zpsnt8d6nja.jpg

 photo IMG_0584_zpsl3rj9vgu.jpg

The one time I let myself be next to the photographer. Went back to where I was standing and saw that it was blurry :( And T’s family had already dispersed :(

 photo IMG_0623_zpsxfjvilqo.jpg

 photo IMG_0651_zpsfhs7umml.jpg

 photo IMG_0673_zpswz352w6p.jpg

 photo IMG_0704_zpsaqharqqy.jpg

 photo IMG_0601_zpsd6qznycz.jpg

 photo IMG_0602_zps6kahbooe.jpg

“Those we love don’t don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday… unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.”

 photo IMG_0697_zpsjhntnebe.jpg

Jonathan and his mom danced to “In My Life” by the Beatles. As well as Nicole and her father AND me and my dad at all of our weddings <3

 photo IMG_0712_zpsyn2cakgi.jpg

The bride and groom (the only photo I have because I didn’t want to stick another camera in their face).

 photo IMG_0707_zpskpdchd9w.jpg

Congratulations again, Nash family!

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