Beach Walk

The day after the wedding, we spent the afternoon lounging around our venue and walking the beach out front.

 photo IMG_1499_zps09f88e97.jpg

My brother and his girlfriend, Samantha hung out in the pool while the cousins, Michael, T and I walked Playa Tortuga.

 photo IMG_1493_zpsfcf791b7.jpg

But not before some of them got thrown in the pool ;)

 photo IMG_1476_zpse0745f16.jpg

 photo IMG_1505_zpsd007ac92.jpg

 photo IMG_1537_zpsa3162f8d.jpg

 photo IMG_1582_zps82a309ed.jpg

 photo IMG_1500_zps197bb326.jpg

Loved hanging out with my cousins. I rarely get to see them, so I was excited that they participated and attended our wedding :)

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2 thoughts on “Beach Walk

  1. Great Pictures! Who is the professional photographer?! You really have a talent.

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