By The Pool

Monday was our last day at Casa Panga.

 photo IMG_2189_zpsf4a484ec.jpg

T and I had so much fun taking pictures of ourselves kissin’ and jumpin’ in the pool that we invited the rest of the fam to join in.

 photo IMG_1979_zps8da557f0.jpg

 photo IMG_2010_zps285e53b6.jpg

 photo IMG_2151_zpse2951e7c.jpg

Michael’s picture makes me laugh.

 photo IMG_6050_zps8fd6a69b.jpg

Our second Grumpy Cat picture.

 photo IMG_2140_zpsdfd736ac.jpg

Possible Christmas card.

 photo IMG_2116_zps2858fc47.jpg

 photo IMG_2230_zps5b6cd211.jpg

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4 thoughts on “By The Pool

  1. aw reminds me I need some sun, and a holiday right around now :)

  2. Robbie Hernandez-Oliu says:

    Love the photos Mari!



  3. Mom says:

    You always do such an incredible job of taking photos. I really love the one of all of you jumping in the pool. We will have to send some photos to Ford. Staying at Casa Panga was so much fun. Thinking of you. Love to our newlyweds.

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