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Our Mexico Wedding Video

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! And Trevor and I are stoked! We watched it together via FaceTime. T was in Hawaii and I was in California with family. Oh, man. We were all crying. What a perfect day! Seriously. Our families meshing, dancing, celebrating.

When T and I started planning our wedding, the only two things I knew to be important (to me) were the perfect photographer and the perfect videographer. Thankfully, I already had the most perfect photographer. I think I asked Katie before Trevor and I were even engaged. I confirmed with Katie and Travis from The Rock Studio the minute we found out we were going to get married in Mexico. The very large task of finding a videographer was given to Trevor. We had looked around; emailed a few California companies, and was unsatisfied with what we saw. I finally broke down, Told T he’s on his own. He’s such an incredible researcher and finds only the best, that I knew I could trust him with such an incredibly important task. And boy, did he deliver. We fell in love with Anecdotally Yours‘s films and immediately shot out an email. From there, it was easy. We loved Jeff, Erica, and their team’s work. We had a Skype date, which settled any nerves. When Jeff and Nate arrived in Mexico, we were overjoyed. They were such cool guys!

Anecdotally Yours knocked it out of the park! T and I have watched it at least 50 times. Working our way to 100 by the end of the day. Like we said in our email to Jeff, we are forever indebted to them for capturing every moment of our special weekend.

My favorite parts:
-My uncle’s “righty-o” and “adios”
-My mom telling us to “watch our heads, put on our seat (belt)” and to “have fun!”
-That drive to my favorite surf spot
-The quick peace sign we give to anyone that drives by
-Tyler’s speech and his sweet smile at the end
-Surfing with T, Alex, and the uncles and everything about the beach that day
-Making quesadillas with family
-Erica’s speech was perfection “where the Spanish would have come in handy”
-T’s duck dive and waves
-Our rehearsal dinner
-My uncle’s “we love you guys”
-T’s kiss goodbye
-Mom writing the ceremony and my Uncle T delivered
-All the family that got the house ready
-Michael trying to figure out how to tie a tie with Tyler
-Nicole helping T get ready
-“Oh, hey!”
-The shots of family
-Going back to the ceremony
-“Friends and family along with the sun, moon, and the sea, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Wallace”
-Our kiss
-Nicole’s speech and text picture
-Everyone’s reaction to the slideshow
-When T puts up his finger “you to me, the only one”
-The shot of me and T and then my mom and dad
-T’s grandpa’s speech and his love for all of us
-Erica and Michael’s spin
-Alex and Sam cuddling
-Nicole and Jay dancing
-Our sparkler exit

I LOVED EVERYTHING, EVERY SHOT, THE MUSIC. I cried throughout the wedding and I cry every time I watch our video. It was the most PERFECT day! Thank you again, Mom and Dad for ALL that you did. the McGonagle family for helping us get married in Mexico, my aunts and uncles who helped set up, my Uncle T for being our officiate, and a HUGE thank you to our friends and family who made it out to Mex to celebrate with us. We love you!


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Our Wedding Album

I am almost done with our wedding album. I took screenshots of the book from the website. I just need to triple check photos and then I’ll order it from Photobook America.

I’ve had a blast organizing and creating layouts with all of my gorgeous, detail-oriented wedding photos. I will be able to relive every moment of that magical weekend because of Katie and Travis Mooney (The Rock Studio). So thanks, you two! Can’t wait to share with you the final end product. I think it’s going to be a beautiful album.

P.S. Still patiently waiting on our wedding video ;)

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Phillace Wedding : Ceremony

*Photos  were taken by our wedding photographers, Kaitlyn and Travis Mooney from The Rock Studio. Check out their blog post about our wedding HERE! And our page, Mr. & Mrs. for more info on our wedding!*

Thursday night, I spoke with my mom and aunt about having the wedding in the courtyard instead of on the beach (we already had a beach wedding). I pictured the chairs on either side of the fountain, walking in through the front door, saying ‘I do’ on top of the stairs.

So, this is the song I “walked down the aisle” to. Thanks to this song, I cried through the entire ceremony.

 photo IMG_6244_zps0e720c37.jpg

Because T and I were already married, we asked my uncle to be our officiant. My mom pieced together the most perfect ceremony and my uncle (and family) delivered it perfectly. It was pretty emotional :) but in the best way.

 photo 537015_668976556468446_2038162535_n_zps3f4212f9.jpg

 photo 1460264_668976649801770_378780724_n_zps9e11d086.jpg

 photo 1450708_668976593135109_1154511404_n_zps08f76e83.jpg

 photo 8664_668976539801781_159622392_n_zps33a51194.jpg

 photo 1455874_668976816468420_31605348_n_zps2b3f43c0.jpg

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