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Better Together

We’ve been together for awhile now. And I’ve tried to document our travels and our day-to-day lives for our children and grandchildren. Now that we may not have biological children, it’s throwing my documentation for a loop. Regardless of who’s watching these, I love making them. These home movies make me smile and at the least, it’s worth it – to me.

Love you, Mahpunk. Forever and always. On to our next adventure.


#PhillaceHoneymoon Favorites

In July/August, T and I took off for a 22 day honeymoon to New Zealand and Fiji. It was so freakin’ magical to see another part of the world. I love them both, but I can see us moving to NZ’s North Island (preferably the little surf town, Raglan).

 photo IMG_4372_zps97f1f3f9.jpg

Here are a few of our favorite memories from our trip. It’s so hard to pick because really, I loved every single stinkin’ moment. 

 photo IMG_4408_zps63db044c.jpg

  • This sunset – HOLY MOLY! I’ve never seen a sunset this gorgeous. I am still in disbelief that we caught this.

  • Bungy Taupo – never thought I’d ever do this, but Trevor is very convincing.

 photo IMG_4212_zpsff59b84b.jpg

 photo IMG_4213_zps8026f239.jpg

  • Abseiling & Glow Worms –  100m abseil. This was scarier than bungee jumping because I was the only one in control of how fast I abseiled (well, we’re connected to the instructor but if I went down too fast, I’d shake everyone and probably freak them out). After, we checked out GLOW WORMS! Our Scottish instructor actually described them as, “cannibalistic maggots with really shiny shit.” Still cool!

 photo IMG_3988_zps8c1b7876.jpg

  • Diving with a Tiger shark (no cage) – This was a dream come true. You’d think being a surfer, I’d be freaked out by them (?), but I actually looooooooove sharks. When she showed up, I stopped breathing. Had to remind myself to take a breath. Just so fascinated by her. 18 feet long. Gorgeous stripes and spots. They called her ‘Survivor’. And this is something I will NEVER forget.
  • *It’s hard to mention anything else about Fiji because this was the ish. But we LOVED the resort we stayed at, the staff, the guests that became friends, the tons of dives, (the lack of surf), and the fooooooood.

 photo IMG_4420_zpse9f717ce.jpg

  • Speaking of food – New Zealand ALSO knows how to feed hungry travelers. I may have been that weirdo that took pictures of my food and this might sound silly, but every photo reminds of how delicious it all was, our conversations at the table, and the excitement shared for the next adventure.

 photo 10513724_655818717859551_1936237304_n_zpse9f0c88a.jpg

  • Not only did we eat, we also drank – just one beer a night with dinner. We made sure to try ALL the local beers of NZ and Fiji.
  • *My favorites were Fiji Bitter and Mata Blondie. And ginger beer ( which isn’t really beer ;) )

  • Seal Pups – I cried when I saw them. First I was sad. Because it’s not watched by a park ranger, I feared they’d be abused by tourists (like if people wanted to touch them). Then I was crying out of happiness because after they got used to our presence (we kept our distance, just because they’re cute doesn’t mean you don’t treat nature and wild animals with respect), they were jumping and playing and yes, they were soooo CUTE!
  • *Side note, I don’t like zoos, circuses, or places like Sea World. (I did grow up falling in love with otters at the Monterey Aquarium, so that one’s tough). I WANT TO SEE ANIMALS IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT. And that’s what T gave me. That’s what he constantly gives me, the companionship and shared joy of seeing my favorite animals in person, in the wild.

And that’s some of our favorite things!


Our First Year

A year ago today we were waking up early, getting all dolled up, walking our beach access, and getting married at sunrise.

It’s been a crazy, fun-filled year!
Getting married at sunrise, celebrating a bunch of holidays, SUPing, surfing, tons of concerts, being goofy, late engagement photos, getting married in MEX!, road tripping with Lola Love, hanging out with friends, island hopping to Molokai, beach days, hikes, a Corpsman Ball, and did I mention surfing??

I love you, Trevor Wallace. It was definitely a tough year (with my job AND your job!), but we’re here, at the one year mark. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of this perfect life with you.

We’ve got SO much to look forward to! Kauai. Our GNARLY honeymoon!, possibly making Chief (!! fingers crossed !!), maybe a bebe (although you’ve got me on this travel bug!), and anything else life throws at us!

I love you, soup snake. I mean, soul mate.

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