Mr. & Mrs.

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Our Story

  • Our Hawaii wedding photos: here and here

Our Getaway

Our Wedding Planning

  • Rehearsal Dinner – Taqueria Mexico in San Jose del Cabo
  • Mariachi Band
  • Pinterest inspired wedding ideas: here and here

5 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs.

  1. Jasmine Chamberland says:

    Hi there, I am looking at getting married at Casa Panga, and would love to get some feedback on how brining in the vendors was and where all your guests stayed.


    • I loved it. Although my aunt lives there. And my mom traveled to Mex to help her as well. The vendors dropped stuff off the night before (tables, etc.) which was during our rehearsal dinner in town so my aunt and uncle had to stay and help them which was a bummer. In the morning my entire family helped put the place together. My immediate family stayed at Casa Panga, my mom’s side of the family stayed with my aunt up the street, and everyone else stayed in San Jose del Cabo. We paid for buses to bring them in and out so no one had to drive that bumpy road alone.

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