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Pie-ology, Walks, and White Trash

Woke up to this face.

 photo IMG_8741_zps746e8e92.jpg

Mom, hermanos, T, and I went to Pie-ology.

 photo IMG_7518_zps023eb9c2.jpg

T knows me too well! Pepperoni, pineapple, pesto, and garlic. Yumm.

 photo IMG_7523_zps3fc29107.jpg

Afterwards, T and I took Lo for a walk around the neighborhood.

 photo IMG_7537_zps28f2a17f.jpg

 photo IMG_7557_zps0cbc1a3b.jpg

Little break.

 photo IMG_7559_zpsac942978.jpg

She’s so cute.. Love her yawn squeaks!

 photo IMG_7573_zps783e2a50.jpg

She LOOOVES digging for moles!

 photo IMG_7610_zps089353fe.jpg

 photo IMG_7638_zpse91f5901.jpg

 photo IMG_7649_zps5bf583d8.jpg

She get’s so pooped out from pulling us and digging that she passes out in the same spot every time.

 photo IMG_7663_zps0393bc4e.jpg

 photo IMG_7664_zps6039fa1f.jpg

T and I brought home 3 pineapples for our families. We’re going to try and plant one in my parents’ backyard.

 photo IMG_7665_zps07668a54.jpg

The boys helped Mom make White Trash for the neighbors.

 photo IMG_7672_zps8820dec5.jpg

 photo IMG_7674_zpsb06ed48c.jpg

Michael and I shared a glass of wine while we sang “What’s This?” from A Nightmare Before Christmas to Dad and Trev ;)

 photo IMG_8780_zps718dbf89.jpg

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Christmas in Fullerton

T and I flew in to LAX Saturday morning to spend winter break with familia. Southern CA welcomed us back with an awesome sunrise.

 photo IMG_8711_zpsb21b34fd.jpg

Lola was SUPER excited to see me, but even more so with Trevor. He’s the pack leader. She jumped up on top of him and licked/cleaned his hand.

 photo IMG_8697_zpsf4dd220b.jpg

T went to visit his mom and Lola waited at the window until he got home.. I’m a little jealous.

 photo IMG_8702_zpsfe4d2433.jpg

But that’s probably because I wrap her up in blankets and give her weird nicknames – Baby Cheeses is the new one.

 photo IMG_8721_zps15682ea1.jpg

One of my favorite parts about coming home is sharing a futon with Trevor and Lola. It’s the worst sleep I’ll ever have; I get no leg room, T falls in the crack, but listening to my little girl snore and cuddling up next to her is worth the pain. I guess it’s a feeling similar to being a parent ;)

 photo IMG_8724_zps6c41f866.jpg

Sunday was spent in Anaheim.

 photo IMG_7376_zps7998d039.jpg

 photo IMG_7379_zpsfe2be465.jpg

 photo IMG_7381_zpsb194b2cc.jpg

 photo IMG_7382_zpsa876ce0e.jpg

We had lunch at The Packing House.

 photo IMG_7391_zps6326af52.jpg

 photo IMG_7392_zps124f4227.jpg

My dad bought us some Nori popcorn. Took me back to Hawaii for a second.

 photo IMG_7393_zps32419b92.jpg

 photo IMG_7395_zps3694001b.jpg

 photo IMG_7407_zps99317184.jpg

 photo IMG_7402_zps1721fe3c.jpg

 photo IMG_7409_zps9dfbc4ed.jpg

 photo IMG_7410_zps59b70b5f.jpg

 photo IMG_7499_zps957e49e5.jpg

We went to Farmers Park to watch my extremely talented cousin perform!

 photo IMG_7429_zps4c218ed1.jpg

Yah, Seanie!

 photo IMG_7419_zps3e0194bc.jpg

 photo IMG_7483_zpse4d30a5d.jpg

 photo IMG_7453_zpsc4971589.jpg

 photo IMG_7474_zps1452dd48.jpg

 photo IMG_7456_zps03c20ccb.jpg

 photo IMG_7445_zps435260a0.jpg

 photo IMG_7490_zps79b4f4e8.jpg

 photo IMG_7492_zps8876391f.jpg

We grabbed some ice cream and walked back to my grandparents’ house.

 photo IMG_7514_zps9c4b554c.jpg

 photo IMG_7516_zps6a29ecbc.jpg

It’s good to be back. Love these weirdos!

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Home For The Holidays

Around here..

    • loving on Lola
    • walking with Lola.. at least 2 times a day
    • cuddling with Lola
    • (all things Lola)
    • watching Happy Holidays from Madagascar
    • listening to Christmas music
    • sleeping in
    • lounging on the couch
    • enjoying the crisp weather
    • reuniting with friends
    • treasuring time with family
    • impatiently waiting for my husband
    • missing Hawaii..

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 photo IMG_6476_zps030cc041.jpg

 photo IMG_6466_zpsd5b09f91.jpg

 photo IMG_6489_zps7a940f24.jpg

 photo IMG_6506_zps2cd4a13d.jpg

 photo IMG_6497_2_zpsd338d389.jpg

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