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Goodbye, Little Lemon!

Tuesday, one of our favorite lemons left us for Los Angeles :( We had a small goodbye breakfast at Morning Glass in Manoa.

 photo IMG_0864_zpsblam1hpv.jpg

 photo IMG_0865-2_zpsffj94pc8.jpg

 photo IMG_0867_zpswjixpafu.jpg

Don’t leave us!

 photo IMG_0872-2_zpsjvibkn7i.jpg

 photo IMG_0880-2_zpsuscawj2y.jpg

 photo IMG_0885-2_zpsc0xf7alm.jpg

 photo IMG_0911_zpsyqeonn7l.jpg

 photo IMG_0919-2_zpsjmtpl47g.jpg

Our shortest and tallest Lemon thought this was a good idea. Haha.

 photo IMG_7411_zps0jvgqubf.jpg

Aloha oe, aloha oe, until we meet again! Love you, Jen!

 photo IMG_0884-2_zpsc7vcx0gy.jpg


“Wedding in Hawaii..”

“… real original!”

It’s one of our FAVORITE lines from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And any chance I get to say it, #WIN. Also, that movie is very similar to the beginning of Trevor and my relationship ;) (our first “wedding in Hawaii, real original post, haha)

We attended a friend of Trevor’s wedding Saturday evening. It was sooo windy, but very beautiful. It was our first wedding as a married couple (it’s been 2 years since we’ve been married, we don’t have a lot of engaged friends).

 photo IMG_0165_zpsix713bwx.jpg

 photo IMG_0179_zps180laits.jpg

 photo IMG_0168_zpsesetfutf.jpg

 photo IMG_0172_zpsqymnhnuk.jpg

We sat at the “military” table and it was a great group!

 photo IMG_0190_zpswdhdukhn.jpg

 photo IMG_0192_zpswvsi8b58.jpg

 photo IMG_0198_zpsvzhjbcmz.jpg

 photo IMG_0214_zpsjagqak3g.jpg

 photo IMG_0206_zps3vstat2v.jpg

 photo IMG_0233_zpselhr2gxz.jpg

Didn’t snap any photos of the bride and groom :( But they had enough cameras in their faces.

 photo IMG_0250_zpspq5mdmlf.jpg

It was a great night! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Husman!

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Home For The Holidays

Around here..

    • loving on Lola
    • walking with Lola.. at least 2 times a day
    • cuddling with Lola
    • (all things Lola)
    • watching Happy Holidays from Madagascar
    • listening to Christmas music
    • sleeping in
    • lounging on the couch
    • enjoying the crisp weather
    • reuniting with friends
    • treasuring time with family
    • impatiently waiting for my husband
    • missing Hawaii..

 photo IMG_6507_zps548809ef.jpg

 photo IMG_6476_zps030cc041.jpg

 photo IMG_6466_zpsd5b09f91.jpg

 photo IMG_6489_zps7a940f24.jpg

 photo IMG_6506_zps2cd4a13d.jpg

 photo IMG_6497_2_zpsd338d389.jpg

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