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Saturday we took out the SUP. We tried to see if we could both get on it but that did NOT work. This one chick said we looked like we were reenacting a scene from Titanic, “Hold on, Jack.”

 photo GOPR1748_zps6ffa0f72.jpg

 photo GOPR1761_zps82c93445.jpg

 photo GOPR1767_zps7c146698.jpg

We took turns paddling. Stoked on the new board!

 photo GOPR1718_zpsf1d0758d.jpg

 photo GOPR1773_zps064a0309.jpg

 photo GOPR1843_zps35cfd18e.jpg

 photo GOPR1859_zps9c348490.jpg

 photo GOPR1864_zps0aabedea.jpg

 photo GOPR1964_zpsa8c01491.jpg

 photo GOPR1908_zps521a54d4.jpg

 photo GOPR2028_zps015e8933.jpg

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Home from the mainland. T and I walked the beach. Oh, how I’ve missed you, Lanikai.

 photo IMG_5909_zps7e43fd12.jpg

 photo IMG_5910_zps7b164859.jpg

 photo IMG_5911_zpse79e84a9.jpg

 photo IMG_5914_zpse4fd07b9.jpg

 photo IMG_5912_zpsee8d5e41.jpg

 photo IMG_5915_zpsc98ab481.jpg

Later, T played soccer at Pearl Harbor with Naval Health Clinic Hawaii. It was pretty fun to watch.

 photo IMG_3353_zpsfa6b571f.jpg

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Lanikai Sunrise

Saturday morning, we woke up at 2:00 AM for Stairway to Heaven! After an hour and a half hiking in circles, it was too late. The guard was there. And Yelp lied to us. Since it was 5:00 am, we figured we’d stay up for the sunrise.

 photo IMG_5041_zpsed58154e.jpg

 photo IMG_5063_zps28a32b76.jpg

 photo IMG_5079_zps87683b32.jpg

 photo IMG_2777_zps6db3fab7.jpg

 photo IMG_5127_zps5d18b9c5.jpg

 photo IMG_5150_zps9f4f7941.jpg

And then AFTER the sunrise, we walked back to our place and found two local teens (?) looking through our carport. So.. crazy morning.

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