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#PhillaceIslandHop Big Island Video

While we were in Australia and Tahiti, I had a few rainy afternoons and late nights to finish our Big Island video from our trip in May. I LOVE making home movies of our adventures! And this was an awesome vacation!

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#PhillaceIslandHop Day Four

T and I made our way back to the Big Island a few weeks ago. We’ve been once before in 2012 (check it out HERE).

Day four, Trevor made me coffee and packed while I backed up photos.

 photo IMG_4972_zpsviej3byp.jpg

 photo IMG_7810_zpsquf43jkc.jpg

 photo IMG_7807_zpsfouetqfq.jpg

 photo IMG_7808_zpsddiuliht.jpg

 photo IMG_7809_zps4ujrlj3f.jpg

We grabbed the most ONO acai bowls!!

 photo IMG_7815_zpszmpho83p.jpg

 photo IMG_7818_zpsrlqayxyy.jpg

 photo IMG_7829_zpspiym3sga.jpg

 photo IMG_7830_zpsxjdu6h5k.jpg

After breakfast, we took a walk.

 photo IMG_7855_zpszrwtadxx.jpg

 photo IMG_7863_zpsbz447ind.jpg

 photo IMG_7865_zpsebubri1b.jpg

 photo IMG_7893_zpstzwe3ruq.jpg

Before checking out of the hotel, we ate our Two Ladies Kitchen mochi on the lanai.

 photo IMG_7920_zpsdcjjluvc.jpg

 photo IMG_7939_zpsg8uklvjg.jpg

Another AWESOME #PhillaceIslandHop! Love youuuuuu, Hawaii’i!

 photo IMG_5076_zpsapmn4wsx.jpg

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#PhillaceIslandHop Day Three

T and I made our way back to the Big Island a few weeks ago. We’ve been once before in 2012 (check it out HERE).

Day Three: we woke up and had breakfast at our hotel overlooking this gorgeous waterfall!!

 photo IMG_7584_zpsednrb98z.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zpss28bmqwl.jpg

 photo IMG_7590_zpsboszm3wt.jpg

 photo IMG_7600_zpsbeg4mbgc.jpg

 photo IMG_7606_zpsnwurechc.jpg

After breakfast, we made our way down to the waterfall.

 photo IMG_7612_zpshurw5xs6.jpg

 photo G0083527_zpsbdh45r4l.jpg

 photo G0083530_zpsrguzn3qb.jpg

 photo IMG_4908_zpsitkdmmmc.jpg

 photo IMG_7636_zpsaep7x7fd.jpg

 photo IMG_7657_zpsakyrkzei.jpg

We kayaked to the bottom of it.

 photo G0093606_zpstujeygrf.jpg

 photo G0093619_zpsmhprm5oa.jpg

We checked out of our hotel and drove to grab my favorite, Two Ladies Kitchen – strawberry mochi!!

 photo IMG_7685_zps9w68okqi.jpg

 photo IMG_7690_zpsiewaddhy.jpg

 photo IMG_7706_zps9nndhbkq.jpg

We drove to Kona, checked in to our new hotel, and grabbed pizza.

 photo IMG_7735_zpspt5ehlmg.jpg

 photo IMG_7727_zpssiqagld0.jpg

We were so stoked to do the manta dive again because during our last trip, NONE of them showed up!

 photo IMG_7736_zps2wkjxis6.jpg

 photo IMG_7744_zpst9spqops.jpg

 photo IMG_7749_zpsq5lzzu5d.jpg

On our afternoon dive, we saw turtles, eels, and two mantas!

 photo IMG_3712_zpsq1ftrgm4.jpg

 photo G0013679_zpsb6sc6zqa.jpg

 photo IMG_3718_zpstvtldy86.jpg

 photo IMG_3722_zpsb0iiafhr.jpg

For our surface interval, we watched dolphins play and the sunset.

 photo IMG_7769_zpszzyka5vg.jpg

 photo IMG_7802_zpsrpxet8w6.jpg

After the sunset, we jumped in. 19 FREAKING MANTA RAYS!! One of the best dives they’ve had!

 photo G0023752_zpsboibgswf.jpg

 photo G0023725_zpshscf4kvm.jpg

 photo G0023729_zpsg5buaqzw.jpg photo G0023784_zpskdba3xdd.jpg photo G0023791_zpsqfau5akr.jpg photo G0023804_zpspvrv2xry.jpg photo G0023924_zpsadfiels5.jpg

That was AWESOME! Now, hot chocolate!

 photo G0033935_zps55lqn6tn.jpg

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