#PhillaceIslandHop Day Four

T and I made our way back to the Big Island a few weeks ago. We’ve been once before in 2012 (check it out HERE).

Day four, Trevor made me coffee and packed while I backed up photos.

 photo IMG_4972_zpsviej3byp.jpg

 photo IMG_7810_zpsquf43jkc.jpg

 photo IMG_7807_zpsfouetqfq.jpg

 photo IMG_7808_zpsddiuliht.jpg

 photo IMG_7809_zps4ujrlj3f.jpg

We grabbed the most ONO acai bowls!!

 photo IMG_7815_zpszmpho83p.jpg

 photo IMG_7818_zpsrlqayxyy.jpg

 photo IMG_7829_zpspiym3sga.jpg

 photo IMG_7830_zpsxjdu6h5k.jpg

After breakfast, we took a walk.

 photo IMG_7855_zpszrwtadxx.jpg

 photo IMG_7863_zpsbz447ind.jpg

 photo IMG_7865_zpsebubri1b.jpg

 photo IMG_7893_zpstzwe3ruq.jpg

Before checking out of the hotel, we ate our Two Ladies Kitchen mochi on the lanai.

 photo IMG_7920_zpsdcjjluvc.jpg

 photo IMG_7939_zpsg8uklvjg.jpg

Another AWESOME #PhillaceIslandHop! Love youuuuuu, Hawaii’i!

 photo IMG_5076_zpsapmn4wsx.jpg

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