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Project Life 2013 : Week 52

I did it! Week 52!

 photo IMG_3841_zps47dd052a.jpg

 photo IMG_3846_zpsb2782f70.jpg

Left side: T saw President Obama drive by in Kailua, shaped his second surfboard, flew to Ca, we had a soup family party, watched The Grinch, cuddled with Lo on Christmas Eve, and Michael made a salad.

 photo IMG_3842_zps8477a3e3.jpg

Our Christmas cards.

 photo IMG_3843_zps84f72815.jpg

 photo IMG_3844_zps5ba3a35d.jpg

Insert: Our road trip!!

 photo IMG_3845_zps7c7e2047.jpg

 photo IMG_3848_zpse326788e.jpg

Right side: We had Christmas Eve at Mama and Papa’s and opened presents Christmas morning.

 photo IMG_3847_zpsb7d62bc7.jpg

Back side: We had Christmas afternoon at Tierney and Jeff’s and had NYE dinner at Octopus in Brea with the fam.

 photo IMG_3854_zpsf9d7ba8e.jpg

A huge 12×12 envelope holds ALL of the cards we received from our wedding :)

 photo IMG_3855_zps5b3c1817.jpg

 photo IMG_3849_zps18f3b8cb.jpg

 photo IMG_3850_zps157cbde7.jpg

*The top and bottom photos of the whale breeching were taken by my friend Jill who we just happened to run into!

 photo IMG_3851_zps9600adbd.jpg

 photo IMG_3852_zps92a9a4b4.jpg

 photo IMG_3853_zpse9bd1b51.jpg


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Project Life 2013 : Week 48, 49, 50, & 51

Playing catch up!! Still putting together week 52, and then we will start 2014!

Here’s Week 48!

 photo IMG_3817_zpsabafbbc8.jpg

Left side: We saw Catching Fire, watched a Lanikai sunrise, found T’s doppleganger, and celebrated our friend, Joe’s birthday.

 photo IMG_3821_zpsf9b324ce.jpg

Right side: We spent Thanksgiving with the Thaete’s and babysat little Wyatt!!

 photo IMG_3820_zps5c582054.jpg

 photo IMG_3822_zpsc60050c1.jpg

 photo IMG_3823_zps7a888593.jpg

Week 49!

 photo IMG_3824_zps957a372a.jpg

 photo IMG_3825_zpsab67efd4.jpg

Left side: Checked out North Beach, baked a pie, decorated the house, and attended T’s work holiday party.

 photo IMG_3827_zpse113e9f7.jpg

Right side: We attended the 72nd Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

 photo IMG_3826_zps7281126b.jpg

 photo IMG_3828_zps01b521ab.jpg

 photo IMG_3829_zpsdbaba6a6.jpg

Week 50!

 photo IMG_3830_zpsc793310d.jpg

Left side: Watched the Billabong Pipe Masters! It was also Michael’s birthday :)

 photo IMG_3831_zps7935c278.jpg

Right side: We did a double date to see Jimmy Buffet with The Pollocks.

 photo IMG_3832_zps28cdfae8.jpg

 photo IMG_3833_zpsd9ea3162.jpg

 photo IMG_3834_zps9016a038.jpg

Week 51!

 photo IMG_3835_zps0581bb08.jpg

Left side: Loved me some Aloha Salads, flew to CA with Gabi :), saw Anchorman 2, and walked Lo.

 photo IMG_3836_zpsad1dd87c.jpg

Right side: Saw a play with Dad and Michael, hung out with Sabrina and her girlfriends, and snuggled up with Lola.

 photo IMG_3837_zps727e2519.jpg

 photo IMG_3838_zps1dc6c073.jpg

 photo IMG_3839_zps16aac956.jpg

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Project Life 2013: Week 47

Week 47…

The week after the wedding sucked. Sucked hard. Unnecessary drama. Military politics. All we have to say for that week is the unnecessary drama did not effect our awesome wedding week. And military politics. T is a STUD. ALWAYS has been. ALWAYS will be. And he deserves more than any corpsman, any sailor.

On top of that, I didn’t take enough photos and decided to order 12x12s of our drinks (much needed) AND a picture of T and El Mariachi (also a must). They were sent to CA instead of HI. And then they sent me two of the same photo. So, I give up. Crappy week deserves a crappy layout.

 photo IMG_2812_zps47763f0d.jpg

Left side: “It is out choices… that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -Albus Dumbledore
Fitting quote for the week.

 photo IMG_2813_zpsc23e773d.jpg

Right side:

 photo IMG_2814_zps9991c456.jpg

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