See ya later, hermano!

For Alex’s last night in Hawaii, we took him back to Tokoname for dinner.

 photo IMG_4384_zpsb858a3c0.jpg

T and I accidently matched. Andy Davis’ pelican :)

 photo IMG_4386_zpsa6064969.jpg

 photo IMG_4380_zpse146cb05.jpg

T ordered some ahi. Love the presentation.

 photo IMG_4391_zps30c4f7da.jpg

After dinner, we drove to the Aloha Tower to see the MayJay RayJah reggae concert. Rebel Soldiers! Katchafire! Common Kings!

 photo IMG_2412_zps0a22a6dd.jpg

We didn’t get home until 2:00am and then had to wake up at 5:00am to drop Alex at the airport. One last Hawaii experience – Leonard’s malasadas.

 photo IMG_4392_zpsf116ab80.jpg

 photo IMG_4396_zpsf1f2fc19.jpg

 photo IMG_4397_zpsdd4a8e17.jpg

Saying a half-awake goodbye to the hermano.

 photo IMG_4400_zps9ed5f7de.jpg

 photo IMG_4402_zpse0a09075.jpg

Love you, brother! Thanks for visiting!

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