Alex’s Spring Break

My brother’s come to visit us in Hawaii! He’s been here since Tuesday night.

 photo IMG_4224_2_zps572f11bb.jpg

Unfortunately, Trevor and I couldn’t take any time off (I worked an hour longer Mon. and Tues. to have Thur. afternoon off). So, Wed. night we took Alex to Crepes No Ka Oi where he enjoyed his first crepe!

 photo IMG_2356_zps22a50e2a.jpg

Thur. evening we did a quick surf sesh at Castles.

 photo IMG_4230_zps05ec4079.jpg

 photo IMG_4233_zps32f3d2fa.jpg

Afterwards, we walked through the Kailua farmers market (I LOVE this place!).

 photo IMG_4237_zps618f9ebd.jpg

 photo IMG_4238_zps57856a9d.jpg

 photo IMG_4240_zps6ebd2f1d.jpg

 photo IMG_4235_zps46e5569c.jpg

T and Alex had the furikake ahi while I had spicy ahi poke from Hibachi.

 photo IMG_4248_zps09915d3c.jpg

 photo IMG_4257_zps9d3e68b5.jpg

T and Alex making fun of the previous pictures we took.

 photo IMG_4260_zps9a00a0f4.jpg

Then last night, we decided to walk to Buzz’s and grab some drinks and appetizers.

 photo IMG_4262_zps642de18e.jpg

 photo IMG_4264_zps9e03f0da.jpg

 photo IMG_4269_zps6298e3d2.jpg

This little guy was on Alex’s shirt! He freaked out in front of the waitress AND I grabbed the little geck and let him loose on the ivy.

 photo IMG_4273_zps74ca40ef.jpg

This morning, Alex requested Boots and Kimo’s banana pancakes with macadamia sauce.

 photo IMG_4285_zps2c012e33.jpg

Our little joke GIF.

 photo IMG_4289_zps5a72105b.jpg

We checked our Bellows. Mom and Dad, this is where you should stay the next time you visit!!

 photo IMG_4295_zps36cb6a18.jpg

 photo IMG_4296_zps1567354a.jpg

 photo IMG_4298_zps357a3b00.jpg

 photo IMG_4297_zps082b74aa.jpg

 photo IMG_4304_zps267f1e29.jpg

 photo IMG_4333_zps1d3bae7b.jpg

Cruised the island.

 photo IMG_4336_zpsf3fb504f.jpg

 photo IMG_4337_zps05b0ab94.jpg

Spotted whales!!

 photo IMG_4347_zps2aa10772.jpg

We stopped by the Puu Ualakaa State Park (one of my favorite spots!). It was pretty overcast. Still beautiful.

 photo IMG_4350_zps687b866a.jpg

 photo IMG_4351_zps712cf9b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4357_zpsde807c22.jpg

 photo IMG_4364_zps9f3c99d1.jpg

 photo IMG_4368_zps97e26a7d.jpg

It’s time for a nap. We’re going to see Rebel Soldiers, Common Kings, and Katchafire tonight!

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