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Better Together

We’ve been together for awhile now. And I’ve tried to document our travels and our day-to-day lives for our children and grandchildren. Now that we may not have biological children, it’s throwing my documentation for a loop. Regardless of who’s watching these, I love making them. These home movies make me smile and at the least, it’s worth it – to me.

Love you, Mahpunk. Forever and always. On to our next adventure.


Ono Grinds & Mokoli’i Island

aka delicious food and China Man’s Hat


 photo IMG_0303_zps8qw7oxqo.jpg

We also LOVE ginger beer. We had this brand while road tripping New Zealand and it brings us back. Every. Time.

 photo IMG_0285_zpsjc1ndeph.jpg

We usually split anything pesto and sliders!

 photo IMG_0290_zpsowrcxej4.jpg

Afterwards, we grabbed shave ice at Your Kitchen (thanks, Jen and Katie for the recommendation!!).

 photo IMG_0309_zpsolrbg2bp.jpg

T got the small all-natural mango and I tried the green tea/condensed milk shave ice for the first time! They were both so tasty! Trevor and I debated on if it was better than The Local Hawaii in Kailua.

 photo IMG_0306_zpsfchub1pp.jpg

After, we picked up Buster from doggy daycare and took him to China Man’s Hat.
(previous trips to China Man’s Hat)

 photo IMG_0415_zpsmrljyxh1.jpg

 photo IMG_0327_zpsjbfj6syu.jpg

 photo IMG_0358_zpseymu3fvi.jpg

 photo IMG_0360_zpsncrnjye4.jpg

 photo IMG_0347_zps5owzfv7q.jpg

 photo IMG_0394_zpsrw27lfnc.jpg

 photo IMG_0404_zpswa5dfnkz.jpg

 photo IMG_0417_zpsxtyzzfjc.jpg

Another great weekend!!


Documentary Night – #1

I just recently decided to do a documentary night with T. It’s not on my New Year’s Resolution post, but I think I’ll add it in ;)

Tonight I chose We Were Here. Super interesting. Made us want to go back to San Fran. We love it there. The last time we went, we actually spent a night in the Castro District. It was exciting and fun. Anyways, we would like to go back and check out the streets these men and women walked and stores like Under One Roof.

Thank you, Netflix. We plan to be productive with our TV watching now. I recommend this documentary. It’s intense – Since the beginning of the epidemic a total of 28,409 San Francisco residents have been diagnosed with AIDS, which comprises 18% of California AIDS cases and 3% of cases reported nationally. There have been an 19,080 reported AIDS deaths in San Francisco as of Dec. 31, 2009 (

 photo IMG_7115_zpsb31e42a7.jpg

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