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Better Together

We’ve been together for awhile now. And I’ve tried to document our travels and our day-to-day lives for our children and grandchildren. Now that we may not have biological children, it’s throwing my documentation for a loop. Regardless of who’s watching these, I love making them. These home movies make me smile and at the least, it’s worth it – to me.

Love you, Mahpunk. Forever and always. On to our next adventure.


Surfing Diamond Head

Crappy day for surf. But it was still fun to go out. We almost lost the drone, too. Haha.

Here’s another short video.

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Goodbye, Master!

Our friend, Mitch and his wife are adventuring to Oregon and leaving us for awhile :( Trevor met him through Stoke Swap, an anti-creepy-Craigslist way of meeting surfers, trading and buying surfboards all in one place in front of their board room (great idea!!). After talking with him and the guys, Trevor decided he would shape a board with their help (his 25th birthday gift)! Trevor was in pure bliss. It is my opinion that the weeks it took to build 2 surfboards under the eye and care of Mitch, Trevor was at his happiest. Haha, I don’t mind believing that either because the man deserves be selfish when pursuing his favorite hobby with a couple of his favorite guys!

A look back on T’s favorite memories in Hawaii with The Blue Room!!

I’ve never seen him smile THIS big!!

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His first! In memory of his Uncle Rich who was Captain of Anaheim’s HAZMAT unit and was a self-employed contractor who passed away from prostate cancer in 2012 (that’s why Trevor’s a big supporter of Movember, hence the mustache).

 photo IMG_3431_zpscedd2088.jpg

So a BIG thank you to The Blue Room, the guys, and especially, Mitch for introducing the art of shaping your own board! And enjoy your new adventure!

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