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Wanderlust O’ahu 2016

This week was my blog’s 4 year birthday. I’ve let go of it the last 2 years because as I slowly became “local”, I realized I should cherish these beautiful, peaceful places, not blog on them. But I do want to come back to this. Maybe not share hikes, but to keep sharing our adventures.

So, I was asked to shoot Wanderlust O’ahu 2016 for Ala Moana Lululemon. It was f*%$king amazing, stressful, and rewarding. Here are a few of my favorite photos and a video (which took a backseat to photos; I wanted to make sure I gave those photos my all.)


 photo IMG_51561_zpskyugj35x.jpg

 photo IMG_51621_zpsp9o0krbq.jpg

 photo IMG_52381_zpsdh89o02k.jpg

 photo IMG_52291_zpsd8uimqmc.jpg

 photo IMG_52441_zps6igbygyb.jpg

 photo IMG_52491_zpsdovcrmc9.jpg

 photo IMG_53041_zpslv2r3dnl.jpg

 photo IMG_54441_zps09qrhefp.jpg

 photo IMG_56031_zpszbl7ayya.jpg

 photo IMG_56041_zpsmnnmq6rd.jpg

 photo IMG_59921_zpsjcayzpok.jpg


 photo IMG_60491_zpsm4iswkz2.jpg

 photo IMG_60761_zpsrffrhkmf.jpg

 photo IMG_62901_zpsydvaphbz.jpg

 photo IMG_62951_zps97jybtcx.jpg

 photo IMG_64501_zpsp9owi1h1.jpg

 photo IMG_67371_zpslkilmyq6.jpg

 photo IMG_70181_zpsbl71czow.jpg


 photo IMG_7094 copy_zpszlweu4vp.jpg

 photo IMG_8010 copy_zps447lg0mj.jpg

 photo IMG_7576 copy_zpsaoyyzgyp.jpg

 photo IMG_7582 copy_zpsa66gnfvd.jpg

 photo IMG_8044 copy_zps3iqglcl2.jpg

 photo IMG_8052 copy_zpstlguscpj.jpg

 photo IMG_8109 copy_zpsaxx2iybo.jpg

 photo IMG_8056 copy_zpscckypnog.jpg

 photo IMG_8121 copy_zpsfvfmvt2p.jpg

 photo IMG_8244 copy_zps26ql654k.jpg

 photo IMG_8475 copy_zpsed6hesvk.jpg


 photo IMG_8562 copy_zps17yhnjii.jpg

 photo IMG_8551 copy_zps4ra3runc.jpg

 photo IMG_8546 copy_zpshqhtmlha.jpg

 photo IMG_8619 copy_zpsni9rse9t.jpg

 photo IMG_8741 copy_zpsxdpmagbx.jpg

 photo IMG_8743 copy_zpsgsmgctbu.jpg

 photo IMG_8779 copy_zpsddpzxfhv.jpg

 photo IMG_8783 copy_zpss4bnjpxl.jpg

And here’s a little video

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1 Second Everyday

So, I originally wanted to do this Jan. 1 but didn’t end up giving it much thought New Year’s Day. After a staff meeting at Lululemon, we focused on choosing a word to live by for 2016. I found the word COMMIT. Commit to getting outside. Commit to adventures. Commit to learning new things with photography and videography. Commit to being deliberate with my time. Commit to loving more. Commit to being present. Commit to keeping up this blog!

I have committed to starting this project no matter what day of the year it begins on.

Here’s the first week in February.

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Self Portrait Project


 photo 11037903_976077199072112_2004204137047692516_o_zpspolzhtn9.jpg

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