Blue Steel

I have been working with Alice on the PNs (product notifications) for awhile now. And yesterday, I did it solo! I chose Trevor because 1. we haven’t done men’s wear in awhile, and 2. I’d feel comfortable bossing him around directing him ;)

We started late, there was non stop rain, and I didn’t have a clear story.. I was a little crabby, but thankfully, my model was used to it!

P.S. He was seriously excited about “modeling” this week! He’d joke with coworkers about watching his weight, etc. Thank you for being you, Mahpunk!

Surge Jacket, Metal Vent Tech SS Henley, City Sweat Jogger, Urbanathalon Backpack, The Reversible Mat 5mm

 photo IMG_1302_zpsajwen5kc.jpg

 photo IMG_1373_zpshbfty0mv.jpg

 photo IMG_14291_zpsi11iclc6.jpg

 photo IMG_1418_zps64nywsa2.jpg

 photo IMG_15391_zpsf87uepcl.jpg

 photo IMG_1618_zpssbbx0gnr.jpg

 photo IMG_15001_zpskycpyji0.jpg

 photo IMG_1504_zpstnfbqslm.jpg

 photo IMG_17171_zps6tvvxxkk.jpg

 photo IMG_1704_zpspsyufe9z.jpg

 photo IMG_1765_zps2bsey9ta.jpg

 photo IMG_18191_zps2n3oodwt.jpg

 photo IMG_1844_zps60pyqaz2.jpg

 photo IMG_1880_zps7sutrlkp.jpg

 photo IMG_1891_zpswmodbxxd.jpg


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