Made In Hawaii

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Instagram about Made In Hawaii at the Blaisdell event center. I screenshot the photo and sent it to Trevor. At work, I asked a girlfriend what she was up to and she mentioned Made In Hawaii. I told her we were planning on going to. So, we went together!

My first stop had to be visiting Blair at her Get Salty booth! I was in need of her UH green hat and a large Get Salty mermaid sticker for one of my surfboards. I’m so proud and happy for her and the brand! I love seeing it all over the island!

 photo IMG_1162_zpsg3sqqctf.jpg

 photo IMG_1163_zpsh9es6u7l.jpg

 photo IMG_1165_zpsztphjeyp.jpg

 photo IMG_1166_zpsetly1iea.jpg

Pineapple ice tea for the win!

 photo IMG_1171_zpsye2dkcek.jpg

 photo IMG_1169_zpsjqziizxk.jpg

 photo IMG_1175_zpsunvhnycw.jpg

 photo IMG_1176_zps2cl951gj.jpg

We saw everyone eating these so we all had to get them. Waffle dogs :)

 photo IMG_1180_zpsmjp1vunk.jpg

 photo IMG_1187_zpse6jwlqfi.jpg

I wanted to buy something from EVERY booth. So many tahitian pearl bangles, birds of paradise clutches, chips drizzled in chocolate. T went to grab us some mini ice cream cones and I walked passed these plush spam musubis.

 photo IMG_1189_zps0ops35y4.jpg

I had to buy the largest one ;) It was such a fun night!

 photo IMG_1196_zpsivbeoblo.jpg


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