Goodbyes: Bob’s Burgers Style

We spent Sunday packing and eating breakfast with everyone. Tried to get in enough “Lola time.”

 photo IMG_0784_zpsszyjv1wr.jpg

 photo IMG_0785_zpsdqcbawry.jpg

 photo IMG_0792_zpsy94tzwmh.jpg

 photo IMG_0799_zpsrfydcy3w.jpg

Samantha brought over her dog, Mya. Alex and Sam have been working with Lo – she hates little dogs. Now, May and Lola are best friends :) What a surprise!

 photo IMG_0802_zps7pab2xjt.jpg

Earlier, I tried to convince everyone to get family tattoos. Last minute, I had Trevor draw Sharpie silhouettes of Bob’s Burgers on everyone. Let them think about it ;)

 photo IMG_0811_zpso9h87rsv.jpg

 photo IMG_0819_zpsxc6i24ur.jpg

 photo IMG_0818_zpsuusis34i.jpg

This is my family. I’m pretty stoked to have them.

 photo IMG_0823_zpsnrery14g.jpg

 photo IMG_08451_zpsh0indgqg.jpg

Bye, guys! See you all soon! Love youuuuuuu!

 photo IMG_0852_zpshujme41h.jpg

 photo IMG_0858_zpsrxq9hxxd.jpg


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