Weekend in Fullerton

Trevor and I flew back to CA last weekend for his half-brother’s wedding :) Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between T and I and we ended up staying for only 2 1/2 days :( But we made the best of it.

Trevor’s Dad flew down from Washington and his sister, her fiancé, and T’s nieces flew from Illinois.
So, while T spent some much needed time with them, I had breakfast with mine :)

 photo IMG_0492_zpstmqbbdt7.jpg

 photo IMG_0494_zpsaalxin7r.jpg

 photo IMG_0503_zps4iovaobx.jpg

 photo IMG_7307_zps85mkxu9a.jpg

MY GIRL!!!!!!

 photo IMG_0516_zpsmrkcc9gq.jpg

 photo IMG_0529_zpsnvyv3chj.jpg

My dad showed me his new kegerator my mom got him for Father’s Day.

 photo IMG_0510_zpsfhgznkxw.jpg

We had a glass and watched.. Bob’s Burgers! And then Mom, Dad, Alex, and I went to go get massages :)

 photo IMG_0514_zpssh4rld12.jpg

 photo IMG_05151_zpszufttf4f.jpg

 photo IMG_0520_zpsbolzmuw4.jpg

We took my dad to Tap’s for an early birthday dinner! It was delicious!

 photo IMG_0535_zpsxivt4tzj.jpg

 photo IMG_0537_zpsboeaubsi.jpg

 photo IMG_0541_zpsorxusswg.jpg

Afterwards, we drove to Long Beach to watch Michael perform in Shakespeare’s R&J. He did a fantastic job!

 photo IMG_0550_zps9jhy1nnx.jpg

 photo IMG_0552_zpsjxyskgxz.jpg

 photo IMG_0558_zpssdsbyr83.jpg

 photo IMG_0560_zpshm84bxss.jpg

When we got home, we sang Happy 32nd Birthday :)

 photo IMG_0573_zpsdijdnbmn.jpg


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