Sharks and Shark Tattoos

Welp, it’s no secret I love sharks. I distinctly remember my grandparents flipping through the channels, landing on Jaws, and hanging out there the rest of the movie. Alex and I were soooo little! And that was my first scary movie (that I can remember). It didn’t stop me from swimming in Mexico every summer but it did give me an irrational fear of the deep end in our neighborhood swim club’s pool…
Growing up, I became more and more fascinated by sharks. It wasn’t until moving to Hawaii did I realize that I LOVE them! On my second time out to visit Trevor (Valentine’s weekend 2010?), T scheduled us for skydiving (!!) and a shark cage tour (!!). In the beginning I was a little nervous, but once I got in the water with them (and behind bars), I really started to understand them. They are absolutely some of the most beautiful creatures!
The next Valentine’s Day, T got us scuba qualed. We’ve dove with TONS of sharks! Our most memorable are obviously the humungous female tiger shark in Fiji and the very curious reef shark in Palau ;)
I had been following @oneoceanliving this past year and have been wanting to swim with sharks again. We saved up and went for it yesterday morning. I feel like it’s hit or miss. We did see A LOT of sharks, but because we’ve been spoiled in the past, we wanted to see a tiger. Or whale shark ;) But it was still fun!

 photo IMG_7220_zpskfagxgeo.jpg

After, with the recommendation from the crew, we got Local breakfast burritos at Kono’s in Haleiwa.

 photo IMG_0425_zpswqpw4nnr.jpg

 photo IMG_0423_zpsikoxrf7u.jpg

So, if you get their surfing pig tattooed, you can get 25% off the food for the rest of your life. I think this is was sparked the what sparked the idea for another tattoo. I mean, I seriously considered it!

 photo IMG_0419_zpspfexntkj.jpg

 photo IMG_0426_zpsocvxyanu.jpg

 photo IMG_0432_zpsmvwq0ub5.jpg

We drove home from the North Shore and took our traditional nap. Unfortunately, I slept ALLLLL day no thanks to dramamine and the heat :(

 photo IMG_0438_zpswwilddik.jpg

Our friends invited us to the tattoo expo at the Blaisdell so I forced myself out of bed to take a cold shower, wake up, and get ready. T and I grabbed dinner at our favorite sushi place and headed out. We were lucky enough to get there right when Mike Love was playing!!

 photo IMG_0449_zpsudsjywhh.jpg

I had never been to one of these things but it was pretty amazing! So many talented artists! So many people getting tattooed! This is what fascinates me – traditional Polynesian tattooing. It looked so painful!

 photo IMG_0454_zpsh3nzsmuv.jpg

I had been following this local artist of Instagram for awhile. He posted a photo awhile back of a shark’s tooth and I fell in love. I thought about it for a couple months but didn’t act on it. He ended up being at the Expo and our friends called me out ;) We went to his booth, David told him I was interested, and all of a sudden, I was getting it done!

 photo IMG_0457_zpslvhweven.jpg


 photo IMG_0458_zps13xmheie.jpg

 photo IMG_0461_zpsanrwcfaq.jpg

Tiger shark tooth to remember big mama in Fiji, the hundreds of sharks we’ve seen diving, and the first shark I saw surfing.

 photo IMG_0470_zpsfuerj3ko.jpg

Friends and their tattoos they got last night!

 photo IMG_0477_zpsuwyrugfv.jpg

 photo IMG_0484_zpsvfoljbeg.jpg

 photo IMG_0487_zpsqbwozawa.jpg

 photo IMG_0479_zps86xeh6qe.jpg

I love those nights when you fly by the seat of your pants ;)

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