Ono Grinds & Mokoli’i Island

aka delicious food and China Man’s Hat


 photo IMG_0303_zps8qw7oxqo.jpg

We also LOVE ginger beer. We had this brand while road tripping New Zealand and it brings us back. Every. Time.

 photo IMG_0285_zpsjc1ndeph.jpg

We usually split anything pesto and sliders!

 photo IMG_0290_zpsowrcxej4.jpg

Afterwards, we grabbed shave ice at Your Kitchen (thanks, Jen and Katie for the recommendation!!).

 photo IMG_0309_zpsolrbg2bp.jpg

T got the small all-natural mango and I tried the green tea/condensed milk shave ice for the first time! They were both so tasty! Trevor and I debated on if it was better than The Local Hawaii in Kailua.

 photo IMG_0306_zpsfchub1pp.jpg

After, we picked up Buster from doggy daycare and took him to China Man’s Hat.
(previous trips to China Man’s Hat)

 photo IMG_0415_zpsmrljyxh1.jpg

 photo IMG_0327_zpsjbfj6syu.jpg

 photo IMG_0358_zpseymu3fvi.jpg

 photo IMG_0360_zpsncrnjye4.jpg

 photo IMG_0347_zps5owzfv7q.jpg

 photo IMG_0394_zpsrw27lfnc.jpg

 photo IMG_0404_zpswa5dfnkz.jpg

 photo IMG_0417_zpsxtyzzfjc.jpg

Another great weekend!!


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