Sun, Sand, and Lemonade

I’ve been getting us out of Kailua lately. The weather’s still muggy and warm, but it’s been better than the first half of the year. I LOVE driving and adventuring the island. There are so many secret little spots – it takes me back to the other islands, empty. I won’t say where these hidden gems are, but: keep your eyes open, respect the aina and the locals, pick up your rubbish, and enjoy this paradise. Deja vu here.

 photo IMG_9879_zpswmjij811.jpg

 photo IMG_9881_zpsrk6zbgcc.jpg

 photo IMG_9880_zpsctazehxb.jpg

 photo IMG_9884_zpsy9ahaqk1.jpg

Buster loves roadtripping.

 photo IMG_9897_zpsyny72ofc.jpg

 photo IMG_9898_zps3xmxeyl0.jpg

 photo IMG_9930_zpsm7zbwgrf.jpg

 photo IMG_9941_zpspyrwmequ.jpg

 photo IMG_9959_zpsjfkp1t7v.jpg

One of my favorite little beaches.

 photo IMG_9965_zps0rjptroj.jpg

 photo IMG_0047_zpsa3wujwjp.jpg

 photo IMG_9972_zpss1uexpq2.jpg

 photo IMG_9982_zps82u9t2yu.jpg

 photo IMG_9992_zpsun7lbsao.jpg

 photo IMG_6894_zpsbw6myp3v.jpg

 photo IMG_6879_zpsmtm8uirg.jpg

Deja vu.

F photo IMG_0037_zpss0qazdk8.jpg

 photo IMG_0048_zpsoo9ew27y.jpg

 photo IMG_0051_zpspnenu43j.jpg

Support local. Also, I was craving lemonade.

 photo IMG_0079_zpsd68an01w.jpg

 photo IMG_0068_zpsoxdgwzdy.jpg

I have a MAJOR addiction to lilikoi.

 photo IMG_0080_zpsdwttgxjm.jpg

I got the lilikoi lemonade and T got the pitaya bowl.

 photo IMG_0089_zpsju6cgmjv.jpg

 photo IMG_0113_zpsmadiwjok.jpg

 photo IMG_0110_zpsrim3m2kp.jpg

A quick trip. So worth it.

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