Haleiwa Arts Festival 2015

We went to the Haleiwa Arts Festival yesterday (the last time we went was in 2012)!

 photo IMG_9596_zpslrlkf5ta.jpg

It was a hot one. Lots of traffic too. But I’m SO glad we got our butts out of Kailua and up to the North Shore.

 photo IMG_9597_zpsahf56j8r.jpg

 photo IMG_9600_zpsjyyud5lb.jpg

 photo IMG_9601_zpsv7naegts.jpg

 photo IMG_9605_zpspawkmvih.jpg

Oh, how I’ve missed you!

 photo IMG_9626_zpsdskbow6t.jpg

 photo IMG_9621_zpsljsjxppw.jpg

After circling the festival a few times, we stopped into Kris Goto‘s awesome booth! I loved ALL of her work! I plan on getting a few more prints, too. AND she was also the artist behind the festival’s 2015 tote bag!

 photo IMG_9628_zpsluhmtgq8.jpg

Afterwards, we went to Haleiwa Bowls to grab some lunch.

 photo IMG_9662_zpsgryjsrvr.jpg

 photo IMG_9667_zpstpvcbg2w.jpg

 photo IMG_9685_zpsqp0vtb4i.jpg

I got a Sunset smoothie and T the Blend bowl.

 photo IMG_9696_zpskwifciqy.jpg

We took our treats to a nearby shaded, grassy area and picnicked ;)

 photo IMG_9719_zps1innny1w.jpg

 photo IMG_9737_zpst1p4urr7.jpg

 photo IMG_9772_zpsedjl4kju.jpg

 photo IMG_9754_zpsxlpfpzdm.jpg

Buster was pooped. But he tried his hardest to stay up.

 photo IMG_9782_zpskhlnbihe.jpg

 photo IMG_9818_zpszntwufjt.jpg

It was a GREAT day!

 photo IMG_9811_zpsybkdujrq.jpg

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