#PhillaceIslandHop DAY TWO

T and I made our way back to the Big Island a few weeks ago. We’ve been once before in 2012 (check it out HERE).

Friday morning, we met our lava guide in a parking lot 35 minutes from our hotel. T and I sat under a lychee tree and yes, I ate fallen lychee while we waited.

 photo IMG_7196_zpsdcdkv83h.jpg

Our guide drove us to private property and we started our 3 mile hike through the jungle and knee high mud.

 photo G0013383_zpsdithxbwv.jpg

 photo G0013405_zpswsejado8.jpg

 photo G0023422_zps8ztskqtv.jpg

After 3 hours of hiking, we made it the lava field!

 photo IMG_7199_zpsh4sbxvvy.jpg

 photo IMG_7207_zpsdzokdf7i.jpg

 photo IMG_7225_zpsfcodm6gc.jpg

 photo IMG_7237_zps3dtn0xqg.jpg

 photo IMG_7244_zpslveqklex.jpg

 photo IMG_7253_zps308k2p7b.jpg

 photo IMG_7272_zpsuyrof2no.jpg

 photo IMG_7298_zpsbzatz3kl.jpg

 photo IMG_7304_zpsqswj2j2f.jpg

Our guide brought us hot dogs, hawaiian rolls, and marshmallows to cook over the lava!

 photo IMG_7319_zpsu8mmkw34.jpg

 photo IMG_7326_zpsnfbgg22g.jpg

 photo IMG_7336_zpsvpc6mgdy.jpg

 photo IMG_7368_zpscfhyibvb.jpg

 photo IMG_7381_zps7y7uc6la.jpg

Smoking boots!!

 photo IMG_7395_zpsq4ae8jwc.jpg

 photo IMG_7396_zpsplauasmn.jpg

Trevor said to put on my jacket, but I refused.

 photo IMG_7464_zpswpikir6e.jpg

 photo IMG_7467_zpsqbd6wmdh.jpg

 photo IMG_7470_zpsanxt1nj0.jpg

It’s crazy that ferns can grow on a million year old lava rock.

 photo IMG_7505_zpscshrldmf.jpg

 photo IMG_7506_zpsr6gi9nt0.jpg

So many different colors. It was so beautiful.

 photo IMG_7518_zpsa4p4am2e.jpg

 photo IMG_7532_zpskzvnotyx.jpg

 photo IMG_7542_zpsut8k7roj.jpg

Walking around the lava fields for hours, I had a splitting migraine and this was my face knowing we had 3 more hours to hike back to the car.

 photo IMG_7573_zpsnh6h0zun.jpg

I was soo tired and soo sick, I couldn’t eat. But Trevor had a large appetite ;)

 photo IMG_7579_zpsxsxwzpvf.jpg

 photo IMG_7577_zps91osns7a.jpg

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