#PhillaceIslandHop: Big Island

T and I made our way back to the Big Island a few weeks ago. We’ve been once before in 2012 (check it out HERE). The first time was fun! We went with friends, we stopped at fruit shacks, we took tons of photos. BUT we didn’t get up close and personal with lava OR see manta rays (even though we went on that dive). THIS TIME, we did! Both! And it was just me and T <3

So here’s Day One of our #PhillaceIslandHop: Big Island

 photo IMG_7139_zpshj5d8s4l.jpg

 photo IMG_7147_zpsyhjymeab.jpg

 photo IMG_7152_zpswl7nehu5.jpg

Last time, my luggage didn’t make it. I went 2 days without clothes. It eventually went from HNL to Hilo but because we were road tripping the island, we were going to be in Kona the next night. And I couldn’t fly it from Hilo to Kona, It had to be sent BACK to HNL, then to Kona. So, I’m thankful my luggage made it!!

 photo IMG_7155_zps2zbgxyla.jpg

 photo IMG_7168_zpsoptxjvsy.jpg

I LOVE where we stayed but had NO idea how loud the invasive kukui frogs are!! Haha! Trevor and I were laughing all night long, trying to fall asleep to these little fire alarms!

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