Pong iPhone Case

A couple weeks ago I purchased a Pong iPhone case in preparation for a Wallace baby (and my general well being). I don’t talk on the phone that often. I usually use my headphones or plug my phone into the aux in my car, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

From my previous post on Not That Kind of Girl, one of the most relatable quotes was, “4. Related: I am scared about what my cell phone is doing to my brain. And yet I have never used an earbud for more than half a day. The most terrifying aspect of human health is our refusal to take steps to help ourselves and the fact that we are so often responsible for our own demise through lack of positive action. It makes me want to take a nap.” pg. 235

I have had this constant fear for far too long (cell phones, laptops, WiFi everrrrrrywhere, ahhh! EMFs!). What are we exposing ourselves to for the sake of technology???? And so I’m trying to be proactive by using this case, as well as turning off our wifi when it’s not being used AND charging our phones in another room (more on that topic later). The case redirects radiation away from your head. Sounds good to me. More info on the cases here.

 photo IMG_03141_zpsnjksd89l.jpg

 photo IMG_03101_zpstakexwty.jpg

I added a gold ‘Aloha’ to the back. I mean, #luckywelivehi, am I right?

 photo IMG_03121_zpsgx9lt6me.jpg


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