Around Here

T rented a Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens two weekends in a row and I fell in looooove with it. Well, I fall in love with every rental. Why can’t money grow on trees? Or cameras and lenses magically appear on my doorstep? Ah, to dream ;)

Around here..
.. we are taking pictures (lots)
.. surfing
.. playing in the rain
.. eating out (sooo good but needs to stop)
.. not watching the Super Bowl
.. working hard
.. enjoying life in Hawai’i

 photo IMG_94621_zpsk2vu6wzk.jpg

 photo IMG_97071_zps26gvqkd5.jpg

 photo IMG_97231_zps8hfqx7oy.jpg

 photo IMG_97261_zpsvfgoczsd.jpg

 photo IMG_00831_zpsvvbbb0ti.jpg

 photo IMG_00911_zpsmrhvmjcs.jpg

 photo IMG_00791_zpswns5aqem.jpg

 photo IMG_00821_zpsfonmja3f.jpg

 photo IMG_01021_zps94iusq6s.jpg

 photo IMG_01111_zpss8oimxew.jpg

 photo IMG_97701_zpszeidet0l.jpg

 photo IMG_00401_zpstqkf0d72.jpg

 photo IMG_95331_zps50sorqq1.jpg

 photo IMG_96471_zps8xnlmajc.jpg


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