#PhillaceRoadtrip2014 Day Three

Trevor and I woke up super early to air balloon around Sedona around sunrise! If dogs were allowed, we would have brought Shmo along (like when we went whale watching in Monterey ;)). But because the burners emit a high pitched sound only dogs can here, we left her to sleep in with Michael (thanks, hermano!).

 photo IMG_9069_zpsfedee06e.jpg

 photo IMG_8307_zps8d2cbcb4.jpg

 photo G0011971_zpsa77e76a0.jpg

Unfortunately, the burners caught fire while we were up there (loose O ring + too cold outside = a free 10 minute ride), so we had to emergency landing.

 photo IMG_8359_zpsc5125df3.jpg

 photo IMG_8348_zps88b63da8.jpg

First on some shrubs and bushes. Then onto the road.

 photo G0042045_zps37f1a85a.jpg

 photo IMG_8393_zps41079e6d.jpg

 photo IMG_8386_zpsf72daf57.jpg

 photo IMG_8408_zpsa9d4af1d.jpg

After that crazy adventure, we picked up Michael and Lo and attempted West Fork Trail.. and it’s 13 stream crossings..

 photo IMG_8440_zps176ec19e.jpg

 photo IMG_8418_zps4ef73420.jpg

 photo IMG_8434_zps485cd6bd.jpg

 photo IMG_8432_zpsb43b8080.jpg

 photo IMG_8449_zpsc11a44a8.jpg

This was so much fun! Watching Michael try to walk across a somewhat frozen lake.. Priceless.

 photo IMG_8457_zps45693fa5.jpg

 photo IMG_8479_zpsc3e60bb5.jpg

 photo IMG_8495_zpsbc3520ea.jpg

Michael fell in a couple of times, Lola looooooooooved the ice. We all couldn’t stop laughing. We only made it 2/13 crossings and turned around.

We overheard a couple talking about Bearizona and that sounded kind of interesting. So we checked it out. AND it was… depressing. I’m bummed we didn’t research it because the animals were pacing the fences. It was like Jurassic Park but full of deer, bison, bears, etc.

Lola seemed interested though..

 photo IMG_8580_zps4762f5d9.jpg

 photo IMG_8584_zps514c8b20.jpg

 photo IMG_8707_zps10951488.jpg

 photo IMG_8626_zpsdf0f14ed.jpg

 photo IMG_8659_zpse18e9c73.jpg

 photo IMG_8730_zps1012b740.jpg

Trevor bought Lo the traditional chew toy. And this trip, she got a mountain goat. Because she was our little mountain goat! We ordered Italian takeout and ate in bed :)

 photo IMG_9174_zpse3229ef6.jpg

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