#PhillaceRoadtrip2014 Day One

For the last two years, I’ve asked Trevor to go on a road trip with Lola and me :) In 2013, we went to Big Sur and Monterey. Check it out the pictures HERE and/or watch our #PhillaceRoadTrip2013 video HERE.

This year, we went to Sedona, Arizona and added Michael to the crew. We left home Dec. 27th around 1:30pm (oops). And stopped for pee breaks (me and Lo ;)) and Chipotle.

 photo IMG_8050-Version2_zpsf89b3f6d.jpg

 photo IMG_8057-Version2_zpsc8b5d4d0.jpg

I coaxed them into listening to Spice Girls Pandora (haha), but then we started our audio book, Night Fall.

 photo IMG_8067-Version2_zps63358adc.jpg

 photo IMG_8087_zpsde3406b1.jpg

We stayed at The Best Western in Sedona. It was kind of perfect. They allowed dogs, gave Shmo a treat, and handed us a list of pet friendly restaurants. P.S. Don’t let Lola fool you, she slept on my bed every night :)

 photo IMG_8097_zpsd5278708.jpg

 photo IMG_8099_zps2da1ded4.jpg

It was freezing! Coming from Hawaii and then California, this was COLD!

 photo IMG_8967_zpsbbf997fc.jpg

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