#PhillaceRoadTrip2014 Day Two

We woke up bright and early to catch the sunrise and start our hike up to Cathedral Rock.

 photo IMG_8108_zps0ad738d5.jpg

 photo IMG_8113_zps8ef4467c.jpg

I was incredibly proud of my dog. Haha. It was hard as a human to hike straight up the mountain. Trevor kept an eye on her, made sure she safe, caught her a few times.

 photo IMG_8118_zps4362ccfb.jpg

 photo IMG_8119_zpsb2aeddd8.jpg

 photo IMG_8121_zps7d7b3b25.jpg

 photo IMG_8122_zps9146fc35.jpg

 photo IMG_8138_zps5b282902.jpg

 photo IMG_8186_zps24d84ba2.jpg

After we hiked back down, we attempted Templeton Trail but didn’t make it to the river. We moved on to the next place.

 photo IMG_8195_zps0e47f916.jpg

 photo IMG_8199_zps6ab7672d.jpg

We drove to our next destination (spent most of our time circling the parking lot until offroading the car and parking closer to the trail.

 photo IMG_8210_zps936c2357.jpg

 photo IMG_8211_zps8be12c39.jpg

 photo IMG_8216_zpsaf61b85b.jpg

 photo IMG_8205_zpsd0f5f806.jpg

Here it is. Crazy steep.

 photo IMG_8252_zpse326f2fa.jpg

Michael. Lola was very concerned when we all separated.

 photo IMG_8229_zps6166a5d7.jpg

The only reason Lola was looking at the camera is because she was watching Michael take it. She gets anxious. She thinks she our protector.

 photo IMG_8242_zps27bf01fe.jpg

 photo IMG_8280_zpsc16b06f2.jpg

 photo IMG_8266_zps738f6e92.jpg

 photo IMG_8271_zpscd3001e9.jpg

Lola was pooped! We all hiked 8 1/2 miles! We were sooo tired!

 photo IMG_9034_zps72afce1a.jpg

We ordered pizza. Trevor and Michael went to pick it up while Lola and I cuddled :)

 photo IMG_9061_zps44b4a945.jpg

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