Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Holiday Party 2014

This week was crazy. My student and I have both been battling a cold and Friday was my breaking point. I went home stressed. We had a work holiday party in Waikiki later that night. The theme was Through the Decades and I wanted us to go as 40s pinup. I had a hair appointment in Kaimuki. Blah blah blah.. I arrived to the appointment late, didn’t get to do victory rolls, sat in traffic, and got to the party late.

But once we got there, we immediately took this picture and all of a sudden, the night got a million times better. Even though T and I are not big on all things military, we ALWAYS have a good time at Balls and holiday parties. Since one of T’s collateral duties was DAPA (drug and alcohol program advisor), we usually don’t drink. And yet, we’re the life of the party ;) Or at least, in our eyes. Which is really all that matters :) Always the first on the dance floor.

Highlight of the night was seeing Trevor participate in a dance off (he probably won’t let me post it on YouTube, but you can check my Facebook or Instagram ;)) and swing dancing! We were so awesome (ha!) that the CO and his wife congratulated us on our little performance.

I need to remind myself that not everything’s worth getting worked up about. And I should take my own advice. When the students get upset, I put my hand up and in a soothing voice I say, “Caaaaaaalm dooooooown.” I guess I should look in the mirror.

 photo Guppy_zps3b863996.jpeg


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