4 Years

4 YEARS since my first trip to Oahu. I left Fullerton to get a breath of fresh air and met my future husband. He took me around the island sight seeing. We surfed. Made Thanksgiving dinner together. And then fell in love. Happy (another) anniversary, Mahpunk. Let’s celebrate. I mean, why not? ;)

These photos were taken in November 2010 with my mom’s old Canon film camera.

 photo 63522_182508188429021_3488505_n_zpsb5d5df2a.jpg

 photo 181596_201565123189994_4981999_n_zps30fc828e.jpg

 photo 182484_201565159856657_1958150_n_zpsd88b09e8.jpg

 photo 65474_182509925095514_4036347_n_zps2c9e73be.jpg

 photo 185836_201565143189992_7631805_n_zps3bf4133c.jpg

 photo 150500_182509198428920_6884856_n_zps0a4f3657.jpg

 photo 162783_182509125095594_2880989_n_zpsc5c4fcc5.jpg

 photo 163025_182509155095591_1402341_n_zps22022121.jpg

 photo 184596_201565079856665_2640877_n_zpsf379a448.jpg

 photo 155112_182509008428939_7435292_n_zps373d7f66.jpg

 photo 183212_201565059856667_4115709_n_zps7de95ff5.jpg


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