#PhillaceAnniversaryTrip Day Three

We woke up with zero plans but knew we had to go to Jellyfish Lake. Thankfully we found a shop that was diving (twice) and then heading over to snorkel. So, we jumped on the boat.

 photo G0010159_zps4c68e86d.jpg

More turtles.

 photo IMG_2342_zps3ae5aae7.jpg

 photo G0050320_zpsa9f326df.jpg

A friendly Napoleon Wrasse.

 photo IMG_2323_zps2b46a97a.jpg

A group of barracuda.

 photo IMG_2338_zps39aa17ad.jpg

 photo IMG_2349_zpse5bb27b5.jpg

There were tons of sharks on these two dives. And I had a small encounter/staring contest with one reef shark in particular. This is what T got.

 photo IMG_2357_zps97f7b0ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2358_zps6e85ab24.jpg

This is what it looked like from my GoPro perspective! Crazy! I had to move my GoPro pole in its face to keep it from coming any closer.. So curious.

 photo G0090456_zps3e006191.jpg

 photo G0090457_zps757d222c.jpg

 photo G0090458_zps0b48d2e5.jpg

 photo G0090459_zps435665e3.jpg

 photo G0090460_zps143a563a.jpg

Found a bunch of dolphins on our surface interval.

 photo IMG_5432_zps0f84e9cb.jpg

 photo IMG_5456_zps4128ba72.jpg

 photo IMG_5453_zps7b57e97d.jpg

 photo IMG_5473_zps83f0b0ea.jpg

This is everything I’ve been wanting. To swim with 9 million jellies!!

 photo IMG_2560_zpsdc9281b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2522-Version2_zps441aba6f.jpg

 photo G0140640_zpsf1c4634e.jpg

 photo IMG_2388_zps11918bfd.jpg

 photo IMG_2546_zps4e27f808.jpg

 photo IMG_2512_zps311fc7dc.jpg

 photo IMG_2448_zps07acb2ee.jpg

 photo G0150707_zps40c1d564.jpg

 photo IMG_2508_zps41a383f0.jpg

 photo G0150715_zps917dec9b.jpg

 photo G0251391_zps4ec6abab.jpg

Finally relaxing back on the boat.

 photo IMG_5503_zps80af9118.jpg

 photo IMG_5516_zpsbf1793c5.jpg

The arch!

 photo IMG_5545_zpsc693a97f.jpg

What a jam packed day!

 photo IMG_7327_zpse8a3d647.jpg

 photo IMG_5600_zps109f184c.jpg

So exhausted. We nearly fell asleep at the bar. But we orded Red Roosters (the local beer) and reminisced on one of my favorite experiences to date.

 photo IMG_5621_zpse1c83abf.jpg

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