#PhillaceAnniversaryTrip Day One

T and I celebrated our One Year Mex anniversary in Palau. Our original plan was to Space A it to Guam and check out that duty station. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there weren’t any flights going out and I was scared we were going to waste that time we took off, so I asked T to please take us SOMEWHERE. ANYWHERE. And we chose Palau. Because I’ve seen this lake of jellies and was totally obsessed (i looooove jellies!!).

 photo IMG_5086_zps6a0e691c.jpg

 photo IMG_7267_zpsc6b8c302.jpg

 photo IMG_7272_zps7a0cd353.jpg

 photo IMG_5099_zps71dd965a.jpg

 photo IMG_5100_zps983ffc74.jpg

 photo IMG_5115_zps3df448f1.jpg

We flew from Oahu to Taipei (10 hour flight?) with an 8 hour layover!! BUT Taiwan’s airport is thee coolest! They have themed lobbies, prayer rooms for different religions, showers, spas, art galleries. The airport food we chose was crap though.. haha. We couldn’t stop laughing. We’re usually foodies and find the best food, but this time we failed. Hard.

 photo IMG_5118_zps08a4c890.jpg

 photo IMG_5119_zpse66d2327.jpg

 photo IMG_5123_zps35e44086.jpg

 photo IMG_5124_zps4f07b828.jpg

 photo IMG_5131_zps1d393336.jpg

 photo IMG_5133_zpsd952f169.jpg

 photo IMG_5152_zps6beaadfe.jpg

 photo IMG_5141copy_zpsd39030de.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-06at114957AM_zps0b40501d.jpg

This was supposed to be a burrito and pizza. It was not.

 photo IMG_5153_zpsbd9670f7.jpg

 photo IMG_5158_zpsfba787f9.jpg

 photo IMG_5160_zps3aa83ef9.jpg

 photo IMG_5161_zpsd1798d38.jpg

 photo IMG_5164_zps3af467a6.jpg

Goodbye, Taipei! You were fun, kind of!

 photo IMG_5169_zpsac97ff6f.jpg

Hello, Palau!

 photo IMG_7365_zps3200808b.jpg

Taipei to Palau was a 4 hour flight. And we made it to the Carolines! We had the room at the very top of the hill, #8. And man, what a view! And what a hike up to it! Worth it.

 photo IMG_5180_zpsa18b318e.jpg

 photo IMG_5182_zps6c5bb756.jpg

“SO much room for activities!”

 photo IMG_5183_zps81b6bcd2.jpg

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