Around Here

 photo Lanikaibeach_zpscc8227f5.jpg

Around here..

.. we are watching Interstellar (loved it!).

.. sleeping in.

.. we are planning our next adventure (already!).

.. we are unpacking, doing laundry, and cleaning up the house.

.. we are Netflixing while we clean.

.. we are eating Aloha Salads, duh.

.. we are going to sit in an (air-conditioned) Starbucks and drink coffee (well, I’ll drink coffee).

.. we are doing homework. T’s enrolled in a statistics class and a writing class. I’m taking a photography class.

.. we are going through all of our #PhillaceAnniversaryTrip photos.

.. we are editing and backing up said photos.

.. we are catching up on Project Life.

.. we are grocery shopping.

.. we are going to slowly start on an early 2015 resolution (from A Better Baby book).

.. we are going to watch a sunset.

.. we are (hopefully) surfing and/or hiking.

.. we are enjoying our weekend.


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