Weekend Dives

T and I dove Sunday morning. Despite a forgotten wetsuit and red lens, a tank at 2000psi, it was pretty fun! We saw an airplane wreckage, eels, mama and baby turtles, and tons of fish. We’re trying to dive at least once a month. Looking forward to our honeymoon and the dives we’ve signed up for!

 photo GOPR2732_zps8a18f129.jpg

 photo GOPR2675_zpsd830f5bd.jpg

 photo GOPR2726_zpsdaa75261.jpg

 photo GOPR2705_zps9a6f2b2b.jpg

 photo GOPR2667_zps519dcebf.jpg

 photo GOPR2790_zpsc1ea75a5.jpg

 photo GOPR2801_zps123ce797.jpg

 photo GOPR2813_2_zps709e406c.jpg

 photo GOPR2884_zps553b2bd1.jpg

 photo GOPR2885_zps85a1c8d6.jpg

 photo GOPR2782_zps15bba787.jpg

 photo GOPR2825_zps2ba50005.jpg

 photo GOPR2856_2_zps419a97e5.jpg

 photo GOPR2916_zps3269b456.jpg

 photo GOPR2926_zpsc80262c4.jpg


2 thoughts on “Weekend Dives

  1. Dad says:

    Glad you’re posting again. It was a long time for me between the posts about the life book and the wedding album.

  2. Mom says:

    These are so cool. What incredible times you and T are having. I can’t wait to see the Fiji/New Zealand photos.

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