Project Life 2014 : Week 4

Week 4!

 photo IMG_4548_zps105d932a.jpg

 photo IMG_4553_zpsf7f52b3f.jpg

 photo IMG_4554_zps32e1f746.jpg

Left side – We spent the morning/afternoon SUPing and surfing with our friends.

 photo IMG_4550_zps347ec6ff.jpg

2 5×7 inserts – My parents went to Yosemite. We saw the Lone Survivor. T and I watched the documentary, We Were Here.

 photo IMG_4555_zps177eb0e9.jpg

 photo IMG_4556_zps861494b0.jpg

Right side – My classroom went on a field trip to the Hawai’i Plantation Village. We spent Saturday at the beach.

 photo IMG_4552_zps438d47b4.jpg

 photo IMG_4557_zpse75c1711.jpg

 photo IMG_4558_zps7639472d.jpg

 photo IMG_4564_zps986c725b.jpg

*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. Check out my 2013 Project Life here and follow along with my 2014 Project Life here.*

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