We’re so happy to be surfing again. It’s definitely needed – to relax, to get the knots out of my shoulders and back, to get in the water and enjoy life. Although the waves have been small (on our side), it doesn’t bother me so long as I’m having fun!

 photo IMG_7086_zpse1926090.jpg

 photo IMG_7103_zps2df15464.jpg

 photo IMG_7085_zpsa390a4ef.jpg

 photo IMG_7053_zps8a339fcf.jpg

 photo IMG_7102_zps1a853980.jpg

 photo IMG_7093_zps179a7564.jpg

I’m so lucky to be able to share this hobby with my husband.

 photo IMG_4434_2_zpsc742fddd.jpg

 photo IMG_4467_2_zpsfef673e9.jpg

 photo IMG_4483_zps84fea277.jpg

 photo IMG_7161_zpsad400b4f.jpg

Life’s good.

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