Saturday we took out the SUP. We tried to see if we could both get on it but that did NOT work. This one chick said we looked like we were reenacting a scene from Titanic, “Hold on, Jack.”

 photo GOPR1748_zps6ffa0f72.jpg

 photo GOPR1761_zps82c93445.jpg

 photo GOPR1767_zps7c146698.jpg

We took turns paddling. Stoked on the new board!

 photo GOPR1718_zpsf1d0758d.jpg

 photo GOPR1773_zps064a0309.jpg

 photo GOPR1843_zps35cfd18e.jpg

 photo GOPR1859_zps9c348490.jpg

 photo GOPR1864_zps0aabedea.jpg

 photo GOPR1964_zpsa8c01491.jpg

 photo GOPR1908_zps521a54d4.jpg

 photo GOPR2028_zps015e8933.jpg

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