Project Life 2014 : Week 1 & 2

Week 1!

I’m stoked for 2014’s Project Life. Here’s my cover page – edited with A Beautiful Mess app and ordered from Shutterfly.

 photo IMG_3898_zps329fa080.jpg

Week 1’s layout.

 photo IMG_3902_zps2ece9801.jpg

Left side – On New Year’s Day, we hiked to the Hollywood sign with T’s mom, brother, and Rusty.

 photo IMG_3899_zps77e9d5dc.jpg

Right side – Alex and Dad threw the baseball around like old times. Mom upgraded her wedding ring. Cuddled with Lola. Went to dinner with the family.

 photo IMG_3900_zpsca6f7b4c.jpg

 photo IMG_3904_zpsf8ec46fb.jpg

 photo IMG_3903_zpscb95eedd.jpg

 photo IMG_3905_zpsdd73fc48.jpg

Week 2!

I’m in LOVE with this week! I think it’s beautiful! Week 2’s layout.

 photo IMG_3911_zps89b99e73.jpg

 photo IMG_3912_zps9129840c.jpg

 photo IMG_3913_zps4dc8a3a4.jpg

Left side – Said goodbye to the family and Lo. Caught my first 2014 Hawaii sunrise. Said hello to the backyard Mokes. Surfed.

 photo IMG_3906_zps64937bf1.jpg

TCCC insert.

 photo IMG_3907_zps5d3471c3.jpg

 photo IMG_3908_zps82ca3eb5.jpg

Right side – T and I attended the closing ceremonies for the Wounded Warriors at the Hale Koa. Took home some pineapple centerpieces. Caught my first 2014 sunset.

 photo IMG_3910_zps4bfad389.jpg

 photo IMG_3916_zpsb7c00043.jpg

 photo IMG_3914_zps5032c557.jpg

*Project Life was created by Becky Higgins. Check out my 2013 Project Life here and follow along with my 2014 Project Life here.*

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2 thoughts on “Project Life 2014 : Week 1 & 2

  1. Carol says:

    love your cover page! what size did you order from Shutterfly? 12×12?

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