Back In Hawaii

So happy to be back in Hawaii. I miss my family (and Lolita!), but I’m glad I can get back into our Wallace family routine and start 2014 with a job promotion!! We surfed Saturday morning in the sun. It had been nearly a month without surfing – I was in need of catching the wave of the day.

 photo IMG_6836_zpsff00f9df.jpg

 photo IMG_6848_zps5d1863d7.jpg

 photo IMG_6840_zpsb8478cb3.jpg

Later that afternoon, we attended the closing ceremonies luau for the Wounded Warriors.

 photo IMG_6843_zpsf2a30824.jpg

 photo IMG_6844_zps2b2552fb.jpg

We took home two centerpieces – yummy pineapples.

 photo IMG_6831_zps494d5f1d.jpg

 photo IMG_6852_zpsf3e3a225.jpg

A gorgeous sunset to end a wonderful day on Oahu.

 photo IMG_6839_zps8b595c97.jpg


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