PhillaceRoadtrip2013 : Day Three & Four

The three of us woke up early for a 7am whale watching tour (that allowed dogs!). On board, Lola began to freak out and I started getting sea sick. Trevor took Lola to sit down inside while I clung to the back of the boat. Luckily, I didn’t hurl and was able to snap a couple photos. We came across a group of Grey whales that were either having fun or super agitated. Either way, they were breeching!

 photo IMG_3398_zps45ab3506.jpg

 photo IMG_3416_zpsa16c5613.jpg

 photo IMG_3414_zps26f15b28.jpg

 photo IMG_3421_zps36bf8e80.jpg

 photo IMG_3443_zpsf1feeb8c.jpg

I brought my long lens thinking I would need it, but these guys were jumping right next to the boat. I only caught close ups of the splash. Thankfully, my friend Jill took these awesome photos!

 photo DSC_1055_zps82b282ff.jpg

 photo DSC_1056_zps33abc6ca.jpg

Trevor, Lola, and I survived the tour! Those two were my heroes. (I rewarded them with Chipotle for lunch/dinner all 4 days of the road trip).

 photo IMG_3454_zpsd1b4e915.jpg

 photo IMG_3459_zpsbd7dad69.jpg

 photo IMG_3476_zps06081a9c.jpg

This seagull was trying to steal the otter’s meal.

 photo IMG_3468_zpse26fed1b.jpg

Lola was stoked to get off the boat!!

 photo IMG_3470_zpsccf435fc.jpg

And then she found a gopher!

 photo IMG_3490_zps8265e53a.jpg

 photo IMG_3484_zps612a6fb2.jpg

We took a walk down Cannery Row.

 photo IMG_3537_zps701286aa.jpg

 photo IMG_3540_zps95a09f43.jpg

 photo IMG_3544_zpsdda498f2.jpg

 photo IMG_3539_zps75965e50.jpg

 photo IMG_3517_zps37d7156f.jpg

 photo IMG_3520_zps4769282b.jpg

Later that evening, we took a walk in front of our hotel. I love this beach.

 photo IMG_3562_zps7232dabc.jpg

 photo IMG_3564_zps0d6376d7.jpg

 photo IMG_3620_zps91ac7f49.jpg

 photo IMG_3589_zps2efe5a15.jpg

 photo IMG_6621_zps4c8bf175.jpg

I tried to get Lola in the water..

 photo IMG_3665_zps8ed833e8.jpg

 photo IMG_3658_zpsd8432eff.jpg

Another early-ish morning. We drove home. Had an awesome time! #Phillaceroadtrip2013 was a total success!

 photo IMG_0797_zps8b06bf37.jpg

Phillaceroadtrip2014, Yosemite? Can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “PhillaceRoadtrip2013 : Day Three & Four

  1. Lauren says:

    Yosemitie is the best place in the whole world. You would 100% go next year.

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