PhillaceRoadtrip2013 : Day Two

Our busiest day. We woke up early and checked out the Bixby Canyon Bridge.

 photo IMG_3184_zpsa0ae7d46.jpg

 photo IMG_3229_zps6635b09b.jpg

 photo IMG_3196_zpsd4fb7fda.jpg

 photo IMG_3206_zps66583a4c.jpg

 photo IMG_3215_zps6c5a526c.jpg

 photo IMG_3232_zpsab860e12.jpg

 photo IMG_3236_zps482c7d2d.jpg

On our way to Julia Fpheiffer waterfall.

 photo IMG_3242_zps7c6f8164.jpg

 photo IMG_3249_zps7f49a99e.jpg

 photo IMG_6583_zps6f36858f.jpg

 photo IMG_3276_zps41ffa2c5.jpg

 photo IMG_6582_zps5f767ee0.jpg

 photo IMG_3255_zps4480a477.jpg

Our next stop – Limekiln State Park.

 photo IMG_6584_zps60773361.jpg

 photo IMG_3282_zpscafb4967.jpg

 photo IMG_6586_zps03f0eb04.jpg

 photo IMG_6587_zpsc411c894.jpg

 photo IMG_6585_zps777633db.jpg

“From 1887 to 1890 the Rockland Lime and Lumber Company harvested limestone from a scree slope and fed it into four iron and stone lime kilns they erected onsite. Long exposure to very hot fires extracted lime. Barrels of lime were slid on a cable out to Rockland Cove, where they were loaded onto ships. The lime was a key ingredient in the cement that was used for construction in San Francisco and Monterey. However after three years the company had exhausted most of the limestone as well as the redwood used to fire the kilns. Today an easy .5-mile (0.80 km) trail leads to the lime smelting ruins, which include four kilns and some stone walls and bridge abutments.” (Wikipedia)

 photo IMG_6588_zps79d49b4b.jpg

 photo IMG_3349_zps275da963.jpg

 photo IMG_3347_zps9a18082c.jpg

 photo IMG_6589_zpsfce7fe01.jpg


 photo IMG_3380_zps8c798ff8.jpg

 photo IMG_3383_zps7a476031.jpg

We crossed the Bixby Canyon Bridge again :)

 photo IMG_3389_zps4d4496a4.jpg

 photo IMG_3390_zpsc0509da4.jpg

Our last hike of the day – Garland Ranch Regional Park. Dog friendly! Lola walked without her leash.

 photo IMG_3397_zps1a1f1bec.jpg

 photo IMG_3391_zpscf5641be.jpg

 photo IMG_3394_zpsa1de6227.jpg

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