Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Eve. Mom’s side.
T’s family had something around the same time as the Hernandez side, so he arrived a little later. Just in time for dinner and “White Elephant” though.

 photo IMG_2875_zpsa9eb4044.jpg

 photo IMG_6574_zps3cd3d311.jpg

 photo IMG_2952_zpsb6794bed.jpg

 photo IMG_2959_zpsc43350ee.jpg

Because I am the first grandchild, my duty is to put the angel on the tree. Every year since I can remember. Me and Papa :)

 photo IMG_6569_zps3ec5a679.jpg

All the men received pajama pants (along with other gifts) from my grandparents. We had a little fashion show in the living room.

 photo IMG_2907_zpsa99019f9.jpg

Feeling inspired after watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas with the family the night before, we put cups in our hair, taped up our noses, and became Whos from Whoville.

 photo IMG_2976_zpsb0072c11.jpg

 photo IMG_6570_zps98139919.jpg

Christmas morning. First, T’s mom’s place.
We played with Rusty (their pup), sipped on some hot cocoa, and opened presents. Some people wonder why I don’t take pictures with T’s family and that’s because I’m still a very shy person. I can tell my brothers, my parents, my family to pose, be silly. I can stick a camera in their faces and know they’ll be okay with it. T’s family, I still feel fairly new. And when I’m with them, I want to enjoy the moment. Also, I’m still not sure who likes getting their picture taken, who doesn’t want their picture on Facebook/the blog (privacy reasons), etc. We had a good time :)

Came home to open presents with my family.

 photo IMG_6571_zpsf5d5aa83.jpg

 photo IMG_2998_zps306cb584.jpg

 photo IMG_3018_zps494c5318.jpg

 photo IMG_3020_zps2e60062c.jpg

Michael got T and I an Anchorman pajama jumpsuit and Ron Burgundy’s book. If you know me, you know I have a MAJOR crush on Will Ferrell. Big one.

 photo IMG_6558_zps1ca7a2e2.jpg

Christmas afternoon. Dad’s side.
I believe this is the second year that my uncle and aunt hosted Christmas dinner. There was tons of food, delicious desserts, and good times spent with the people we love.

 photo IMG_3047_zps395b91f2.jpg

 photo IMG_3049_zps5ad3a0a7.jpg

 photo IMG_3051_zps7c4e396e.jpg

 photo IMG_6573_zpsb8f632ee.jpg

The family – including Hooti!

 photo IMG_3068_zps230d7d3f.jpg

Merry Christmas! Love you, family!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

  1. Looks like so much fun! No family members of mine would have ever had their pictures taken with their hair so wacky! :P

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