December 7, 2013

“a date which will live in infamy”

Trevor and I woke up super early so we could get a seat at the 72nd anniversary .

 photo IMG_2409_zps95660c96.jpg

 photo IMG_2418_zps8a677bba.jpg

The sailors on board the USS Halsey man the rails to render passing honors to the USS Arizona Memorial.

 photo IMG_2428_zps727beb45.jpg

Some of the survivors sat with the children that sang the Hawaii State song. They were so sweet.

 photo IMG_2432_zpsab88470a.jpg

It was the first time T and I attended the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. It was very emotional. I think even more because my husband now works at Pearl Harbor. I’m still amazed at the resiliency of the U.S. military.

 photo IMG_2462_zpse4f462ef.jpg

Some of the survivors leaving the ceremony.

 photo IMG_6284_zps4a28874d.jpg

The survivors laid wreaths for the Airforce, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Hawaii State Territory.

 photo IMG_2464_zps34acc5ab.jpg

 photo IMG_2466_zps7dc41a2e.jpg

 photo IMG_2468_zpsb71567bb.jpg

The original bell from the USS Arizona. They rang it during the ceremony.

 photo IMG_2469_zpsfa55bc67.jpg

 photo IMG_2470_zps77e46b73.jpg

We took the 11:45 boat ride out to the Arizona Memorial.

 photo IMG_2476_zps3195f7d9.jpg

The smell of oil was strong that day.

 photo IMG_2477_zps97dc0f10.jpg

 photo IMG_2492_zpsb01b8a31.jpg

 photo IMG_2491_zps17a1791a.jpg

A few sailors that passed away on the Arizona. We threw petals into the water in remembrance of them.

 photo IMG_2483_zps5feb26bc.jpg

 photo IMG_2487_zpsf6082894.jpg

 photo IMG_2495_zps180f73e2.jpg

The USS Missouri – the site of the surrender of the Empire of Japan which ended World War II.

 photo IMG_2475_zpsfe675f1e.jpg

 photo IMG_2507_zpsb805af80.jpg

 photo IMG_2512_zpsa6a08074.jpg

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